Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Y'all have to know by now that I LOVE my puppies.. 


They bring so much joy to Coach and I and are constantly making us laugh with the silly things they do. I wish at times we were able to get into their minds and just see exactly what they are thinking.

Every day when I come home from work the first thing I do is come in and let Mara and Kylee out of their kennels and watch all three sprint out the back door, all while trying not to get ran over by any of them. They are always so excited like they haven't seen you weeks! Last Tuesday, Kylee really did not sprint at all and when she finally made it out the door she winced when her paws hit the ground.
She came back inside and seemed fine so I thought maybe she was just landed wrong or something. The next day, she still was a little slow moving, wasn't jumping around like normal, hunched back, stayed to herself up under one of the kitchen chairs, very abnormal, so what did I do? 

I panicked.

I was calling the emergency vet line.. facebook messaging friends who are employees at the vet trying to get answers on what could possibly be wrong with my little Bugs! The vet called me back and told me it sounded like she had injured her back to give her a Benedryl to hopefully relax her a bit and let her be. She ate her dinner and was drinking water so those were all good signs.

We finally made it to the vet's office the next day and of course, like some children probably do in the doctor's office, made a complete liar out of me and was ALL over the place like nothing was wrong. During her examination, the vet explained that their adrenaline pumps so much while they are there they can block out the pain and not show any signs of where it may be coming from.


Scared to death.
Wore herself out from fighting.

They even did a couple of X-rays, I feel sorry for those techs trying to handle that little lady, and came back with some news that she may possibly have a fracture in her neck. I think my upper lip broke out in sweat beads from panic and MY adrenaline started pumping. BUT, they did another one just in case and it came back normal. 


They did recommend her going into a halter instead a regular collar to take some of the stress of her neck just in case. Final diagnosis?? --She could have taken a wrong leap off the bed or one of the bigger pups we could have stepped on her. Not meaning to but just playing rough outside or possibly got her when they all go flying out the door. I will admit Kylee has had some dust rolls in her time here on the farm. 

A big FAT vet bill later, two different meds, strict orders to no jumping, no chasing squirrels, and mostly kennel 'bed rest', we were on our way home! Bless her heart, she wanted to be so excited to be on a car ride but her body just wouldn't let her. 

Today, she has started being back to her old young self again and I am loving it!

Yesterday morning she had some quality time with her sisters! This makes me so happy since she has been keeping to herself. 
Notice Sox's old bed is back since she decided to get a little dirty than normal outside a couple days ago. No gettin' the new bed nasty!

A little cuddle time when I first got home last night.

My little grey-beard sweet girl. I can't believe how much grey she is getting. She has been my little cuddle buddy for so long now! I know she will be back full force before long and when she is I have GOT to get her on video when she gets the zoomies. 

It. Is. Hilarious.

Can't wait for her to get fully well and so thankful it wasn't anything worse!



Paige (The Last Doughnut) said...

So glad that she is doing better. I have two Labrador Retrievers (both girls and both big), and when they get the zoomies.....better WATCH OUT! LOL!

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