Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hopper Wedding.. Prep Week - Part 2

Prep week continued with preparation of our wedding favor.. roasted pecans straight from the front yard! I must say they were absolutely delish and a few guests even complimented later on about how good they were. I am thankful Mama Jane (my grandmother), Pop, and our cousin June got together and roasted, roasted, roasted all of them.

 Later on in the week Mama Jane and June came over and we had us a nice assembly line going. I would place the sticker on the bag, Mama Jane would load them up with pecans, and June would complete it with a piece of twine. 

Another project crossed off the list. 

If I haven't told you already I absolutely love Miranda Lambert!! As soon as I saw her brooch bouquet I knew I had to have one! 

But I wasn't exactly sure that I wanted it for the actual ceremony so I decided to carry it for the rehearsal. 

rehearsal day is FINALLY here! I remember being a little overwhelmed here because it still felt like there was SO much to do. Exhausted is not even the correct term for how I felt and we were short on time that day because the sun set around 5:30, we were outside with no lights, so we HAD to be on time and get it done. 

This is early that morning. It was BEAUTIFUL, a slight breeze, and I think it got to about 71.
If you squint hard enough you can see Sox and two more Amigos in the pasture. 

 The tent was the first to arrive! It certainly was getting REAL! Well, things first got real when I dropped those Save-the-Dates in the mail but come on.. there was a tent going up almost in the back yard ready to be filled with tables, chairs, table cloths, center pieces, and list goes on.. soon to be filled with family and friends that were coming to partake in one of the biggest moments of our lives!

Oh yes.. here comes my future Mr. and his long time buddy Brad. 

Little did they know they were about to go pick up a piano. Hee hee. So glad Brad was there to help! Although, 30 minutes before rehearsal was to start, I found them in the back yard taking target practice with some of Brad's toys. My fiance was in camo and Brad in his Carharts. Men! 

Discussing where everything needs to go with the wedding planner, Gina Dee.

Stay tuned for Rehearsal Fun!

Lots of Love!


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