Friday, July 12, 2013

Louisville Part I

Our Kentucky trip was absolutely wonderful! Me, Gigi, and Mama Jane had such a great time.
The drive up was annoying because of the rain but we made it safely to Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack's house so we can't complain too much there. And we still made good timing too.. just in time for a warm dinner. Me and Gigi also got a tour of the house, which is absolutely beautiful, and I think I will have to say my favorite was the screened in porch. I definitely could've fallen asleep with how peaceful it was!

With all the rain coming in we decided to hold off on the horse park and do a little shopping for the first couple of days. We started at a little consignment store, where I found this cute top..

.. It still had the tag on it to the tune of $50 but this sista here got for $8!!

We ended up in a cute little town about 30 minutes from Louisville called Bardstown. You can see some of our pictures from there here if you are just now joining me.

Saturday we headed into town and visited The Peddler's Mall where I found these gorgeous candelabras for the house..

We then headed to the mall just for fun to keep looking around. Me and Gigi eventually split off for a little cousin time. 
Before that though, I spotted this little department store. 

One of my clients that I had, the week we left for vaca, had just been telling me about this store. She told me it was like a Nordstrom on steroids. Well, I just had to check it out for myself. As we were walking in Aunt Kay said, "There is discount room over here.", and directed me there. I walked in to a room that was nothing but shoes EVERYWHERE! I thought I was in heaven!!!... until I picked up my first and only pair of shoes in there and they just so happened to be ON SALE... for $299!!!

Moving. Right. Along. 

Finally, with the weather supposed to be clearing off on Sunday we headed to the Kentucky Horse Park. It was the perfect day for us to be there.. the weather was great, the rain held off except for a little shower on the way there, it didn't get too hot because the sun stayed behind the clouds until after we finished lunch, and then we enjoyed a trolley ride around the park. 

The above marks the given horse at the start of his stride and the markers indicate where their stride would end. Each marker also gives how many feet the horses were when they landed. That just seems unreal.

This is Man o' War. He is buried here under his statue.

This is Cigar. He won 16 consecutive races.. was named Thoroughbred of the Year in '95 & '96 and also of the Decade. He was beautiful and feisty this day. The announcer also said that he definitely knows he is hot stuff around the park!

These horses were so huge. I think they could sense my nerves. 

Lots of Love!


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