Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th!

Last night, Coach and I went over to Amber's parents house, they are just a hop, skip, and jump from us, for the fireworks show they have in their subdivision every year. 
Last year was loads of fun and pretty funny too because I got there just as the fireworks were starting. The gate code would NOT work for me so Amber's husband finally came to the gate to let me in.. pull up to exit gate, he goes in reverse, and I fly in the exit gate before gate closes on my tail end.. We both flew in the house for the remainder of the show. 

This year was TONS more better because Coach ended up being in town so I had my hubby by my side, the guard was there to let us in the gate, AND we got there before dark. Whoop whoop!!
The food was delish, company was great, we got to hang out with the besties, and the fireworks were awesome!

First July 4th together as Mr. and Mrs.!

This morning me, Mama Jane, and Gigi left early on a little road trip to see Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack in Louisville. 

The ride up was mostly a wet one but that didn't stop us from having a fun ride up. The scenery was still beautiful even tho it was quite foggy. There are acres and acres of open fields all over.  
Just beautiful. 

Aunt Kay had dinner ready for us and a fabulous pineapple cake for dessert. After dinner we watched home videos of when Mama Jane, Pop, my brother, and myself came in '94 to spend a few days on their houseboat they had then. There is one part where I am on an inner tube being pulled by the boat, and as we got started I guess I wasn't holding on good enough, and all you see is legs flying and bouncing over my head. I think we laughed just as hard tonight about it as we did when we first watched it on the boat years ago. I am going to try and get Mama Jane's copy when we get back home and update this post with a clip of that. Soo funny!!

We are supposed to go to the Horse Park tomorrow but there is still a good chance of rain here with some flash flood warnings. The weather should clear up Sunday so we are hoping to go then... Shopping is probably in our forecast for tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a happy, safe, July 4th!

And I leave you with a pic of this sweet little girl from last night. All bundled up in my clothes I was trying to pack.. I swear she always knows when I am going somewhere and does NOT wanna be left behind!

Lots of Love!


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