Friday, July 12, 2013

Louisville Part II

If you missed Part I of Louisville go check it out now!

I had mentioned on Sunday we finally made it to the Kentucky Horse Park and it ended up being a beautiful day for us. After we finished there, we headed back to the house so that we could pick up Uncle Jack and him take us to see where Churchill downs was located. Of course it wasn't open but you could see a part of the track and at least we got to see some of it. 

These church shots below we taken by just holding the camera at an angle and hoping for the best. We were driving during all of these. I forgot I had the zoom in on the first one but thought they all turned out pretty cool considering!! I am praying for some free time soon to teach myself some things with this camera!

We then drove over the Ohio River and into Indiana to visit the largest fossil bed that is there...

 Unfortunately, because of all the rain, they were completely covered in water. 

These rocks that lined the sidewalk were taken from the fossil bed..

Railroad Bridge.

These columns mark the Indiana line. 
Once we crossed back over I HAD to give this place a visit!!


I was so excited to send Coach that picture.. He and I need to go back for a visit and tour the place. 

Uncle Jack took us by where he retired from... KFC.. he was a director there. His office was on the back side but Aunt Kay wanted to show us the front. She said it reminded her of the White House. 

Besides me loving how Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack made you feel SUPER welcome, and like you were right at home, I also fell in love with all of her pictures. Being a picture fanatic I just loved looking at all of them! 

This is their brother Pat. He passed away at 16 from an automobile accident. I think in the picture on the right he and Mama Jane look alike. 

This is their Mom and Dad. 

And this is the whole family.. 3 girls and 1 boy.. Aunt Gwen, Uncle Pat, Mama Jane, and Aunt Kay.

Mama Jane!

The second night, Aunt Kay brought out the family albums.. It was so much fun looking thru all of the old pictures. I just love the way they look and so much history in them. 

Mama Jane holding my Aunt Tammy and Papa Simon holding my Mom. He passed away when I was 3 from cancer. I have heard several stories about him and how he was a goof ball! I think someone has even told me he was voted Class Clown. I also think my cousin Ty favors him here and Mama Jane says he has a lot of Papa Simon in him! 

Aunt Kay.

This is my Aunt but I feel like I am looking at myself here! 

 Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack's house was absolutely beautiful. This is one of my favorite sections of the house. I love the way she has this little nook decorated. In the lower right side corner you can see where the staircase begins. My room was upstairs so I got to admire this little nook quite often. 

This cabinet below is of all of her Derby glasses. As you can see there are quite a few!

The year I was born.

Some other places we got to see on Friday on the way to Bardstown. The open land and pastures are absolutely gorgeous there. 

This is a school.. Really?? I would suffocate from no windows. 

I hope to get back there again sooner than later! It was definitely lots of fun and the rain never slowed us down once!

Lots of Love!


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