Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What have I been up to?

Wow oh WOW has it been a couple of busy weeks. Last week and the week before I put in a ton of hours at the salon, tried to be a good wifey and keep the house and laundry up in the little time I was home, and in between get some workouts in. That always makes me feel so much better even when I don't feel like doing it. Once I get there I am SO GLAD I went!
I was so thrilled to see Friday night get here, and now once again, the weekend has flown by and here it is Monday. 
C'est la vie.

So what else has kept me busy this weekend?
Well, if you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen that I have been doing a little crafting. There is a reason behind all this madness. 
My MIL, Connie, and her sister, Judy, are very creative, crafty, artsy, whichever word you like best, and have been wanting to host a little something with tons of goodies that we have made, and may I add made with tons of love.. SO Connie has come up with naming this something a Christmas Bazaar! I think it's absolutely perfect, especially, with all of us loving to go all out on the decor for Christmas and it's one of our favorite holidays. 

We have all been trying to come up with a place for the Bazaar to be held, and in the midst of that, I had mentioned it to the owner of the salon that I work at now. Robbie is also super talented and is always coming up with some pretty awesome stuff. He also does flowers and decor for weddings and may I say that his work is absolutely amazing! He immediately loved the idea and invited Connie and Judy to come over to the salon to chat more about this, last Thursday to be exact, and well I think everything is pretty much on! We will slowly start adding and decorating the salon and then have a Grand Opening weekend.

Saturday and Sunday I went over to Connie's Mom's house where she, Judy, and I met up for some craft time. Here are some of the things we have made so far. 

Made by Yours Truly.. 
Go Dawgs!

LOVE this heart! Made by Connie.
Rosette Wreath by Connie.

I also wrapped this vase in this gorgeous colored yarn!
 There is so much more in store for the Bazaar..
I feel like this is the beginning of something that could be more and we are ALL so excited! 

While we were all together I captured this video. I think it is the sweetest thing. I learned that Grandma LOVES to hear Judy play the piano!

Last Saturday I got to ride this healthy boiiyyyy! And can you believe the vet said that he was a little over weight?? He has come such a long way!! It was so much fun, I got a little more comfortable with him, I was able to command him on my own and him listen, and I even enjoyed a little gallop he had going on. BUT I will say after that SPRINT back to the barn, I decided that was enough riding for me that day. 

Here are all the spoiled little big babies.
Trio, Chester, and Snuggles

Within the last week, the tractor broke down, the axle on the lawn mower broke, our coffee pot went out, we need a little work done on the roof, and my curling iron broke in the middle of me curling a head FULL of hair. 


The part came in and finally getting it fixed! Coach took it for a bush hogging session as soon as him and his Dad sharpened the blades!

Trio and Chester and I spy someone else trying to sneak off into the pasture. 

There goes Mara.

These pears are growing in our backyard and there are TONS of them!! I am searching for a recipe to try and make something yummy!

A plane taking off... we live just a bit away from the county airport. 

Mara and Sox constantly play around this bush. They are hilarious and I have GOT to get it on video. 

It possibly may have been a little too hot to continue for too long...

Little Mini Pin!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Monday!

Lots of Love to ya!


Julie Jinks said...

Exciting stuff! Glad Trio is healthy and you were able to ride over the wknd.

Carley Cain said...

We have a pear tree as well! I juice ours... because I thought about making jelly, but WOW at the sugar!

Megan said...

Pear preserves were always my favorite thing we made with our pears as a child!

PS! I want details about your christmas bazaar when the time nears!!

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