Saturday, August 3, 2013

My giggle box got turned on..


Crying from laughter that is. 

Since joining the Sassafras Salon family back in December I have learned they are ALL about some YouTube videos AND Robbie's clients are too! It is absolutely hilarious the new videos that everyone finds. And I must say I absolutely LOVE it!

Sometime this week, Bre showed us this video below.. I just remembered tonight to show it to Coach. I started chuckling as I was trying to look it up and by the time I found it and got it ready for play I was hysterically laughing like a hyena!!! So much that I had tears running down my face. 

You may have already seen it but if not, here it is!!

Are you serious??? 
I know she's all into her karaoke but DANG!!! 

Coach told me earlier it wasn't that funny. BOO! 

And let's not forget this epic fail! 
Which actually landed her on Ellen!

I think what cracks me up the most is her "Take a shower...". 

Bless her heart.
I truly hope her hair has grown out some now!

Lots of laughter,


Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

hahaha I just showed these to my hubby - he guessed the second one before I did. that sucks. the sad thing is, I was wondering "I wonder how much her hair really means to her..." but then I got to thinking "clearly she's into it if she's making a video on "HOW I CURL MY HAIR" lol - thanks for stopping by my page earlier...excited to make a new bloggy buddy!

thelatestjoe said...

Totally funny BTW love your blog... keep it real shawtie!!

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