Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Honeymoon.. Day 4

Wednesday November 21, 2012

Still enjoying our Honeymoon! Day 4 and we haven't killed each other yet! Ha!

We ordered in for the first time for breakfast. We would call Ms Nadine or Mr Israel, they would take our order, and bring it right up to our room. 
It was so weird getting used to them waiting on us. They would call us in the morning and in the evening to check on us to see if we needed anything. Even when we were on the beach we would get random phone calls to make sure we were doing our best and completely satisfied with everything. From the very beginning, they carried our bags, would pick our dishes, etc. and it was SO hard to get used to! I was trying to carry what I could carry and would help pick up with them. Our fridge was always stocked with water, juice, and the freshest fruits. They were the absolute BEST! 

You probably already noticed but every morning I would get up and take a picture of the morning sky... well, it would probably be more like the later morning sky. Regardless, the pictures don't even do it justice.. absolutely breathtaking. 

Door to our patio.

Delish food!

Breakfast on the Patio! So peaceful just me and my Hubby.

The Christmas Tree went up today! Sooo weird being in a bathing suit and Christmas decor being out. 

Outside the beachfront lobby where we would wait for our butler or the shuttle to take us back across the street to the villas.

When we got back from the beach.

This evening, there was a Butler's Cocktail Party that we attended. We really didn't enjoy it. Once other honeymooner's started to arrive one of the staff members explained that we would play a little game where you had to find a parter that was not your spouse and line up across from each other. One couple at a time, one partner would start off by asking a question and the other parter would have to follow with another question also and you would continue this until one person messed up and got 'out'. You couldn't answer the question, or make a statement, stutter, anything like that, or you would be out. 
It continued down the line until the last group, then you would line up again, keep going until there was a winner, and then of course you won a prize. 

Coach got out the first round and I made it to the second round. You would think being a hair stylist questions would just pop out of your mouth since you talk to clients all day long, but when someone is standing in front of you staring you down, questions are hard to spit out, AND you can't help but to want to answer them! 

After that was finished, we took a stroll waiting on our reservation for dinner and captured some moments.

We can really be goofy at times. 

Told ya.. Whooooo baby them muscles are saaaxxxxxyy!!


Playing around with camera settings.. I really need a class!

The area to the left is where the Butler's party was held.

We had dinner at Neptunes. 
I could not tell you what I had but I remember this place being super yummy. And the atmosphere and setting was very neat... at the top of my list out of all the restaurants we ate at for sure. It was outside on the sand and the decor was just really different and cool. I love different.

Can you tell I love chocolate? I had every chocolate dessert possible. How 'bout that presentation?

Neptunes from our beach chairs.

He was O.V.A it.

Now this is how you lay on the beach!!

We made our way to the fire pits. I almost fell asleep here.

When we finally got back to the room.. these are my shades! 

What another relaxing, beautiful, blessed day! 
Wait til you see Day 5!

Lots of Love.


Megan said...

I know this is your honeymoon and all, but please tell Shane pants are requested at the breakfast table! ;)

Megan said...
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