Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday IG Recap

Linking up with Pearls & Curls for a little Instagram Recap action.

1. Need I say anything about this little big girl? She snores just for the record.
2. Me and the Auntie for Smoke on the Mountain. So blessed to be able to finally see it! 
3. In honor of National Dog Day.. the 3 Amigos.
4. Yummy protein pancakes!

The middle one wasn't on IG but it was too cute not to post!

5. This precious angel was brought to the front door of the salon Thursday afternoon. I brought him home and fed him Similac with Iron and he guzzled it down. He ate so well but the following morning wasn't doing very well. I called the vet, a doctor there actually was raising squirrels, I took him to her but got a phone call later on saying he didn't make it, even with antibiotics. He was already too septic from a cat bite. 
Me, Robbie, and Pastor Arlene named him Sassa 'Samson' Heffa. 
(just a little side note: My mom, aunt and I constantly use the word heifer but spell it heffer. Everyone at the salon thinks it is hilarious, it has just caught on, and now at the salon it's heffa. Pastor Arlene was at the salon Friday before I was able to take it to the vet and she prayed over him naming him Samson for strength. Sassafras is the name of the salon I work at... so, Sassa Samson Heffa)
Although I was so broken hearted, I am so blessed that I had him for the short time that I did. 

6. Wednesday at work.. guess I was feeling a little UGA football in the air!
7. Friday was just a chucks kind of day.  Yay for Converse!

Lots of Love!

Pearls and Curls


Sara Elizabeth said...

Aw :( I saw the pictures of that little guy earlier in the week, sad to hear he didn't make it!

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