Sunday, August 25, 2013

Honeymoon.. Day 3

Tuesday November 20, 2012
Forecast: A couple of showers -29*C
Sunrise: 6:18 AM
Sunset: 5:30 PM

Being as this is being written nine months after our honeymoon, I have absolutely no idea when we decided to get up. I can tell you it probably wasn't too too late because knowing me, I was starving and ready to eat. 

I can tell you we ate again at the Great House. I wanted the same thing every time.. the pancakes or french toast, fruits, tomato, and coffee; and Coach had his omelette to order with other goodies. We ate like kings and queens for sure. 

This was an absolute relax day, although by this third day, I can tell you, I was feeling more like myself with more energy and ready to go! Those first couple of days I was seriously recovering from mental and physical exhaustion. I don't think I have talked about it but there was some serious, juvenile, unnecessary drama that took place a couple of weeks before the wedding. That, on top of doing a lot of craft work on your own, and just the general planning, was very draining. 

Jamaica was just what we both needed. Shall we check out day 3?

Get ready, picture overload.

Breakfast on this patio was always peaceful and we would read The Daily Breeze every morning.  
Our breakfast table. 

Pool off the Great House patio.

Just exploring the grounds after breakfast.

Who knows why I am posing this way..

Inside the Great House restaurant. 

Tuesday selfie before hitting the beach!

Our butler's were so awesome. They would reserve this exact spot for us and have surprises at random times for us. 

I loove the sun... guess I didn't have Coach's hat this day. Ha.

The table the employee is at is exactly where we had dinner on this night. We were on our way back to the room and we decided to take a tour this way. 

Guests would have dinner here..

The flowers were always so pretty!

I could not get in this water.. it was FREEZING!!

These stairs led to our room.

A decoration would always be on our table. It's the small things. 

Food was always delish!

I SHO did rock the boots in Jamaica. I'm pretty sure Coach gave some input on this outfit. He loves his country girl!

There was a concert held here at this pavilion. He was really good! This was THE funnest night we had. Just cut loose and dancing like a bunch of maniacs sweating our rears off! There is no telling how long we danced. 

Headed back to the villas.

A little guy waiting on us.

Lots of Love!


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