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Honeymoon.. Day 5

Happy Thanksgiving from Jamaica!

Thursday November 22, 2012
Forecast: clouds and sun -31*C
Sunrise: 6:19AM
Sunset: 5:30PM

Let me just let you in on a piece of info on my Husband.. he loves fishing.
Since we weren't home with our families and there is no turkey and dressing in Jamaica; we decided to go deep sea fishing for our Thanksgiving! 

Being that either one of us are early risers, we scrambled out of bed, threw on our clothes, Israel dropped us off at breakfast- this time at the Bayside Restaurant & Deck since we would be right there at the boat- we gulped down a couple of bagels, fruits, and coffee, ran down to the boat and set out to sea. 

On our way down to breakfast, Israel asked us did we have a coin to throw into the water. We both answered no, and he explained to us when going fishing in Jamaica the tradition was to make a wish as you are traveling out and afterwards throw the coin overboard into the ocean. 
He happily gave us one of his Jamaican coins...

... and just as he said to do, we did.

Heading out!

Setting up & one of the two other couples on board.
This girl here had some pretty awesome hair! She told me her Mom was a hairstylist.. she knows her stuff for sure!

First catch of the day.. my fave fish Mahi.

Fishing poles everywhere.

Before Coach and I got on the boat, he was asking me over and over did I get motion sickness.. Of course I told him 'no' I've been on a boat before and I can ride in any seat in the car- sleep or read- and I don't get sick at all. "Well this just isn't your everyday boat.. this is different." 
OK honey, whatever.

Let me just tell you, I was PRAYING. 
a fish would get on a line. I never got sick that I vomited, but I felt like I looked green and my breakfast was just sloshing around in me. I was hot, I wanted was shade, and to be off that flippin' boat. And of course, the first thing they tell you is they don't go back to shore if any one is sick, they just throw you overboard. HA. 

Well, God answers prayers because not too too long after the first catch -I guess He finally heard me- here came the second one...
And look who got in the hot seat. 

We really didn't have a 'seat' on the boat like the other two couples. I can't even begin to describe where I was but there were just a few stairs that led to a cabin area with seats, and on the stairs is where Coach camped out the whole time.. except when he was exploring what little bit that was there and talking smack with the Captain. 

I guess with me concentrating on breathing and not going overboard, I missed where one of the guys said, "This one's a Marlin!" 
Coach THROWS his drink at me- "Here hold this!!"
Takes a couple of steps toward the seat and the guy says, "You! Come on!"
They hand him the pole and he just reels and reels and reels and reels... This went on for a solid 45 minutes. Coach mentioned a couple of times his forearms were on fire but he was NOT getting out of that seat!


One proud fisherman!
As soon as the boat came in and the Marlin started going up people came flooding onto the dock. This one girl came up to me and asked was Coach my husband, how long did it take to reel the fish in, on and on and on with questions. She was telling me everyday that a boat went out they waited for it to come back in and see if anything had been caught. She explained that her husband was getting a little impatient waiting on the boat and said he was heading inside for something when she told him he better hang on, the boat will probably come right when you leave.. speaking of, she said, here it comes now! (Her husband is actually in the picture above helping.)

Now what makes this so awesome, is the little time we had at breakfast, Coach talked about how bad he wanted to catch a Marlin... that he has always wanted to catch one. 
Well ask and you shall receive!
(and maybe his shirt brought him some luck too.. hee hee)

The resort after we got back.

A waterfall near the beachfront lobby.

We decided to go a little dressy for dinner celebration/thanksgiving meal if you will and had a very delicious Inoko-type meal at Kimono's.
Absolutely yummy!! 
Coach got to looking for his flip flops when we were getting ready and realized he had left them on the boat. Who wouldn't in all that excitement? 
For the evening, we had Nadine and when she called up to the room to make sure we were ready Coach told her that 'he had a problem'. 
Her reply-
"Mr. Hopper, there are no problems in Jamaica. No worries mon."
He was still upset that he didn't have his flip flops to wear. I thought he still looked handsome as ever!

This bed was the most comfortable bed ever.. until Coach surprised me with a new mattress for Valentine's Day and I will have to say that ours is now the most comfortable!

Day 6 ahead!

Lots of Love!


Julie Jinks said...

So awesome and beautiful! Sounds like a great time!!

Ashley said...

Julie I wish I could go back.. like yesterday! Ha! Thank You!

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