Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hopper Wedding... Salt Covenant

Instead of a Unity Candle for our wedding we chose to do a Sand Ceremony (or salt).

The Salt Covenant is when you combine the individual grains of salt into one (yours and your spouse's), which symbolizes your united life. Your commitment to one another and to God cannot be broken unless you can separate your salt from your spouses salt.

.. And that's impossible to do. 

Of course you can see that we did use different colored sand, but after Pastor Arlene explained it to me, (you aren't supposed to be able to see your spouse's 'salt' because then you would be able to separate, and it would no longer be an unbreakable agreement) so we added salt into the two different colors. 

And of course, what kind of southern wedding would it be if we didn't use a mason jar as our unity vial??

It's also great to have in the house.. to remind us of such a beautiful day.


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