Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hopper Wedding... The Boots

Let me just tell you.. I have been waiting forever on a pair of cowboy boots.

And I guess good things come to those who wait. 

Not only did I get my first pair a couple weeks before my bridal portrait, but I was able to get a pair of Corrals. 
I was seriously beside myself. 
But I couldn't wear them until the wedding!!
Do you know how much TORTURE that was for me??

But I made it.. and survived...

... and I couldn't resist adding this little touch to them, too.
I was hoping the stickers would stay on but unfortunately by the time I made it to the airport, all of it had come off. Boo.

Now that's one happy face..
Happy in my boots.. And 
happy, happy, happy 
to be marrying my man.


Megan said...

My corrals are my favorite thing in my closet. I swear I would wear them everyday if I could! Yours are aweomse. I love the inlay!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

I would too girl but they are not my friend to work in!

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