Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hair Me Out.. Curls, Curls, Curls!

Welcome to another addition of 

Todays tutorial is on how to get those bouncy curls and get them to last all day! 

The tools you will need:

bobby pins
1in curling iron
heat protectant spray

:: Hair before starting.. 
:: Remember to use a heat protectant spray on each section before applying heat.
:: My heat setting on the iron was Medium.
:: You can also add volumizing powder at the root for extra lift.

My favorite is

 Let's get started!

:: Working in smaller sections, I started with the curling iron almost at the scalp and wrapped the section around the rod. 

:: As you slide the curling iron out of the curled section, keep it in place and pin with a bobby pin. This will allow the section to cool and lock in the curl. Continue with the sectioning all over.
:: I left my bangs out because I am super picky about them and I will bend these later in with the rest of the curls.
::I also curled the hair away from my face.

:: After letting the hair cool, remove all of the pins. 

:: Gently run your fingers through the curls to break up the sectioning.
:: This is when I slightly bumped my bangs with the curling iron.

:: You can also tease the hair lightly at the crown.
:: Then spray with Hairspray!

 I promise these curls bounce and stay! I took these pictures several hours before Coach came home, I had been running my fingers through my hair doing things around the house, and when he walked in the door he greeted me with "Well hello curly." 

Happy Curling!


Natalie and Lee said...

I never thought about bobby pinning the curls!!

Great idea:) Thanks for sharing!

Julie Jinks said...

Thanks! I always enjoy these :)I need to come back for a trim!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

You are very welcome Natalie!

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Glad you enjoy them Julie! Just let me know when you wanna make an appt. :0)

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