Monday, March 4, 2013

Enjoying the Sun

It was SOOOO BEAUTIFUL today!!!
After yesterday all I wanted to have was some warmer weather!

I have no clue why I was so cold. I didn't even leave the house. All day.

I had a few errands this morning to do, Coach and I met at the gym afterwards for a little workout, headed back home and he suggested a walk to the pond. 

No cell phones.
Just us, the pups, and nature.

Oh, and my 30 day rental Nikon.

The below is the above picture blown up.

That is one happy girl!

blown up of above.. 
My sweet angels.

We turned around and Kylee was trying to bring this "stick" up to the bank.
Take note it's bigger than her.
Silly girl.

 They were loving it..

 Yup, the mantle is still there.

If you saw the last DD, Mara would be my poodle retriever. Ha!!
Look at her ready to go!

I think I need some camera lessons.

Hope you enjoyed our walk with us.


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