Monday, March 11, 2013

The Fresh Market

Today I visited 

and how cool it was inside! 
I had to head into Athens today and get a few things at the beauty supply store and when in Athens I always feel like I need to make a visit at Planet Smoothie. 
2 Piece Bikini.. O.M.G. So delish.

While I was in that area I discovered the above.. which I will be visiting again!

They have EVERYTHING! 
Take a look for yourself!

Gorgeous spring flowers! Reminded me Easter is around the corner.

Check out all the veggies and fruits! 

Fresh seafood. They also had fresh meats and a Sushi bar. LOVE me some sushi!

Beans anyone?

I just loved this.. felt like I was in Savannah. Very colorful.


All my goodies today!

As far as I know we don't have anything like this in Winder. It was so clean and everything was so fresh.. and well, it better be to live up to it's name!


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