Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where have I been?

You may have been wondering where I have been the last few days, and if you have, let me show you.

We. Have. Been. Getting. Stuff. Done.

I don't know what got into Coach Sunday morning but it all started with a little cleaning..

What a beautiful sight.

The next thing I knew he was talking about going to Home Depot and getting supplies to finish one of our bedroom closets. 
There are still a few things in the house that need to be finished and are getting there!

So we took off trucking to HD, spent a little too long in there for my liking, got all of the goods, and came home to get started!

I was given the job to stain..

..while Coach got started on the woodwork.

He had to do a little measuring first.
First shelf installed.

2nd installed and had to try out the space.
We had some extra helpers!!
Everytime Coach walked out.. these two made themselves at home.
I think someone was 'sunbathing'.


One happy, happy, happy Man!

Coach was getting into the photography BIG-TIME!

Kylee obviously had to make sure the shelves were stable. I have no other words.
She was whining and jumping to get up there and her daddy gave in and put her there.

So proud!

We alsooo added LED lighting to our vaulted ceiling!

If we had a TV in our bedroom, I don't think I would EVER leave.

My handsome hubby hard at work. So thankful he can do these kinds of things on his own!

Our Monday continued with the coat closet in the living room.
Coach added a shelf in this one for the Charter box, DVD player, and DVD's for when we finally get the TV mounted over the fire place. Can't wait for that! Coach has already even started talking about a lazy boy recliner when we get the entertainment center out of here.

We even had under counter lights picked out and a light fixture for above the kitchen sink.. BUT one of the under counter lights didn't fit and we want them all uniform so we are going to look at other options and the light fixture was defected. 

How was your weekend?

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Blue Dog Belle said...

Wow. I'm so impressed? Can y'all come to my house?

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