Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hopper Wedding - Bridal Luncheon..

.. Was the official Kickoff to the BIG DAY!
It was held the Sunday before at Sister-in-laws house right next door and it was given by Coach's Aunt Judy and cousin Christine. These sweet ladies, along with Mrs. Connie (MIL) and Tracie (SIL), worked hard to get this wonderful luncheon together!

The decor was absolutely beautiful and perfect. These ladies really know how to decorate.
I loved the Blue Willow dishes, with the gold and ivory napkins wrapped in burlap and don't forget the tablecloth. I bet Mrs. Connie even found that in her inventory. The acorn is an ornament-- absolutely precious and a really neat, creative reminder of that day that I will always have. Check out the initial tag on the napkin as well. Super cute! The pecan filled hurricane was perfect, too, since we used pecans as apart of our decor- right out of our front yard!

It was a great, fun, relaxing time just to spend with the girls. It was almost like the calm before the storm.. LOTS of hands on crafting was due up for the next 5 days and whatever last minute detailing would be getting finished also. But before we get to all that check out all the fun for yourself!

The Bride's Chair!

The food was DELISH!!

Surprised the girls with these robes and had each one monogrammed with their initial. 

Also, made these personilzed hangers.

Me and Gigi.. Jr. Bridesmaid

Grandma came!

My Mom and Emily

All the girls except my MOH. 


Marisela Gonzalez said...

I was confused for a second but I think I figured it out…pictures from bridal party in November? Love all of the d├ęcor, so pretty!

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