Friday, May 17, 2013

A Favorite Photo..

Day 17: A favorite photo of yourself and why

If you have been following along you may have already seen this photo here and in case you don't know, let me just tell you that the place where white sands, the water, blue skies, and the sun meet, is my FAVORITE place ever. 

This photo was taken at Cape San Blas, Florida in 2009. 
It was me and my Mom's first trip just us and we were excited to be staying at her boss's condo. 
This place was amazing. We are the beach people who get up as early as we can, head down with our lunch in a cooler, read.. nap.. read some more.. eat lunch.. look for seashells.. nap again.. read.. read.. well you get the picture.. and go in after we stay out as late as we can. 

If you have never been to Cape San Blas, let me just explain a little bit about it. There really is nothing there to do.. but lay on the beach or fish. The only people there seemed to be families and not very many were there. 
We felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves. 
There was one family to our left and one to our right. The family on our left, if you faced the ocean, just to give you the best mental picture possible, was hardly out because they had a baby and a toddler and were constantly in and out. 
You can tell from the background in the photo and just how far away they were from us, too. 
Talk about peace and relaxation. 

Now, to the reason for this post.

A couple of months prior to this vacation I left my ex of almost 5 years. 
While at the time, it seemed to be such a hard decision, I knew that it was for the best. I could not continue on the horrific roller-coaster-relationship ride that we were on. I look back at moments where I know I should have turned and ran, but for whatever reason(s), I didn't. I guess there were lessons that needed to be learned and I can honestly say that I walked away learning many things. For a long time I used to really beat myself up about all the 'wasted' time spent with him, but in the end, I learned and I grew and I feel I became a better person from it. 

The picture above represents a huge weight lifted.. 
a sense of freedom.. 
a fresh start.. 
the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  

And let me just tell you, I am BEYOND BLESSED where I am today and wouldn't be here in another new chapter, if I had not made the decision that enough was enough, four years ago. 
Praise the Lord too for having His hand over me and for Him having control of our steps in life!

At this moment in 2009, people were pouring their love, support, and positive vibes all over me. 
The parts of me that were completely broken were starting to mend. 
My confidence was beginning to build back up. 

I was starting to feel joy again and I was actually smiling.
I will not say that I was back to my "old" self.. 
I was moving forward and I was becoming a new me.


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