Monday, May 6, 2013

A May Challenge.. It's What I Do

Last night, I had some time to sit and read some posts by some of my fave bloggers that I follow. 
I really need to slooooowwww down so I have more time to read. 

Story of my Life has gotten to be one blog that I enjoy. Jenni is super cute, her photography is amazing, I love the realness of her writing, and she gives some pretty great blogging tips that have helped me as a beginner blogger.

In my catching up, I have learned she has challenged us fellow bloggers to Blog Every Day in May. I was so excited when I read this because I DO want to blog every day. Just sometimes after a long day, my brain doesn't function as well for my liking to be able to write a post. Especially in the concentration department. 
I can be ALLL OVVERRR the place!

"What am I going to cook for dinner?" ..
"Oh dear, I really need to put a load of laundry on." ..
"I hope all my clients from today are pleased with their hair." ..
"Maybe this recipe will be good for tonight." ..
"This dog hair really needs to be vacuumed too."..
"I would really love to work a little more on my sew project though." ..
"How amazing would a hot bath be right now?" ..

Are you exhausted yet?
Coach has recently given me the new nickname.. Sidetrack.

Wait.. what was I doing?

Today is--

Day 6:: 
if you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, "what do you do".

Well let's see. 

One of my friends calls me her Hairapist. 

One of my gifts is making people feel good about themselves. Giving them extra pampering. Making them feel like they are THE most beautiful person in the world.
No matter if they are in my chair for 45 minutes or two hours they are going to feel better leaving than when they walked in the door. 

I am not only a stylist, but a friend, a lent ear they need, even therapist, if you will. 
My clients trust me that if they can't tell anyone else what they are going through, they can tell me.  

I can honestly say I have been blessed in my business and seeing it grow to be where it is today, but at times it isn't all about the money.. It's about helping people.. It's about lifting their spirits.. It's making them feel super special.. It's giving them your undivided attention when no one else will. 
I am apart of their lives. I have been there to support a client who battled breast cancer, WON, and now is helping her husband battle his cancer. While there is laughter and joy, there are also hugs, prayer, and many tears shed, also. 
NO, being a stylist and being in a salon is not about having fun all the time, laughing all day every day, stirring up gossip like some people think, sitting around eating bonbons and maybe doing a cut here or cut there if I feel like it.

It's being there for someone.. being able to laugh and share joy with them, but also help them, love them, and support them.


Marisela Gonzalez said...

That's awesome that you become part of your client's lives. I love y stylist. Having never colored my hair, I don’t need a lot of maintenance so I only see her maybe once every four months. There’s times where I throw in a bang cut or eyebrow wax A) because I need the services, B) because I miss her. Haha.

Lyndsy said...

Hey Ashlee! Thanks for stopping by blog today! So glad the challenge led you there :)

I'm looking forward to reading more from you and connecting! :)


Gabrielle said...

I don't go to a salon much but I wish I did! I also wish I had a set stylist to do my hair that would be grand!

Its frustrating to go to different salon's because they each do something different when doing/cutting your hair and that's scary!


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