Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone!

I am loving the sunshine that has made a huge appearance after I don't know for how many days of gloomy weather.

I am loving my new shirt!

I am loving these chocolate protein pancakes! A dear friend gave me her recipe.

I am loving this silly girl, Mara.

I am loving this bedding!! I want I want!

I am loving these birdhouses! How neat are these?

I am loving this scarf! 

I am loving this chevron, glitter nail combo! I know what I am going to ask for at my next mani appointment!


Anonymous said...

loving the mani and the bedding!!!

Gabby & Daniel said...

I LOVE the mani! Soo cute! Glad I stumbled across your blog, love to read it! :)

Ashleigh said...

I feel you on the whole sunshine part... It rained here for like 4 solid days so on the 5th day when it finally decided to show some sunlight I got excited (:

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