Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday Farm Day

Holy sleep in until 11AM .. Coach is rubbing off on me being home! That man loves to sleep.... I know my alarm went off and I must have hit it in my sleep. Before I went to bed it was on the night stand and when I finally came out of my comatose state, my phone was under my pillow. 
Talk about some awesome rest tho and snuggle time with my honey.

After all those good zzzz's I was ready to get going! I really wanted to ride up towards the mountains yesterday and see the beautiful trees changing with all their different colors but it didn't happen. So Mara and I decided to go on a walk to the pond. The pasture has gotten really tall and thank goodness we came back for a leash. We got to a certain point and I guess Mara's sixth sense kicked in.. the more I tried to keep going the more she would pin her ears back and walk back towards the house. It was so weird but I listened to her and I am SO GLAD I did!
While Coach and I were hanging out on the couch last night, we heard the LOUDEST pack of coyotes that sounded like they were right at our back door! It was so loud we heard them over the TV. Have you ever heard that awful screeching before?? It will make all the hair on the back of your neck stand up. No more playing outside for the puppies right now.

Hoooraaayyy for such a beautiful day and sunbathing!!

By the time Mara Lowrider and I got back to the house, Coach was outside ready for some yard work. While he cut a little grass, I finished a painting that I will be sharing with you guys this week called for a burn permit, and me and this sweet lil gal enjoyed some sunshine. It felt AMAZING! 

Sweet girl just sat beside me the whole time.

We decided to let the chickens out for a while. I love it how they just love to run up to you and Mara didn't once try to bother them. As Coach put it, "She doesn't have anything to say to them." HA! Guess she truly didn't.

The little heifers did try and stay on the front porch. Ain't nobody got time for a poopy porch! I had to keep sending them to the back yard.

Aaaannndd, somebody had a little trouble at first getting their burn pile going but once it did it was on full force!

Haha, looking at me with a troubled face wondering what in the world? 
I wish there could have been an arial view of everybody.. when it finally caught, the chickens scattered out from under the apple tree, the horses took off in the pasture, and I probably jumped at least ten feet in the air! 

We enjoyed our little fall bonfire, Connie and Tracie stopped by for a bit, and we chatted about how we needed some marshmallows to roast.. they can have those tho.. yuck.



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