Friday, November 14, 2014

oh hey FRIDAY // 5 on Friday // Farm Life & Santa Clauses

Happy Friday friends! 
Random things going on this week from work to crafting to getting ready for our pictures Sunday to getting Coach's gift ready for our 2 Year Anniversary Monday.. TWO years! We have survived another year and I can say it only continues to get better. 
Busy weekend ahead and I am still DYING to get our Christmas decorations going in our house.
So. Excited.


The trees are turning BEAUTIFULLY in the pasture! Oh my goodness. The gold one in the back is my favorite popping out near the wedding site! We are taking our fall pictures Sunday so I hope the wind holds off so there will be some color left!


Shane and his Dad have been working on the barn this past week. They have done such a great job on it!


SO. US!!
My Mom sent this to us and it's just hilarious!


Can you say Olan Mills pose? These puppies just crack me up.


I finished these last night! 
When I found them on Pinterest I was super bummed there wasn't a tutorial... BUT stop traffic! You'll be seeing one from me this week!

 Hope your weekend is awesome!



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