Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Friday and Saturday BE LIKE.....

Happy Saturday everyone! 
This is EXACTLY how I felt last night leaving the salon.... although that all changed when I got to my car and realized I had NO pocket book, salon key, or car keys.


All I can think of is I guess the good Lord didn't want me leaving work 30 minutes early like I just thought I was going to. 

It was one of those moments where you were staring at what you needed thru a window in arms reach but you just couldn't get to it... 
Anyway... I managed to get back into the salon, grabbed my pocket book, and finally went on my way. There was a moment where I STILL couldn't find my car keys once I got in the car BUT after just a second, there they were and this chick was OFF!

Our sweet Amigas have been super cuddly and wanting lots and lots of attention this week.. it's not like they don't get any they are just getting ROTTEN!

It's that time of year again when Kyli finds her way under a blanket any way that she can. This was folded yesterday across the bed and this is how she ended up. Completely swaddled herself! Bless her, her nose must have been cold. Hee hee.

Speaking of dogs, there are some hilarious posts that come thru on I Love Funny Dogs. 
This just made me CRACK UP the other day! Some days I really do think I love dogs more than I love humans.

We have lunch today at my Mama Jane's with the in-laws! 
Can't wait to see her and Pop and spend some time together. 
I love them sooo much!!

My cousin has a big 10U football game this afternoon I may go to as well. I think they are UNDEFEATED! They usually have morning games that I am not able to get to because of work.  The Sassafras owners son is on the same team too so it should be fun!

And if you are in the Christmas spirit like me, Hobby Lobby has 50% OFF ALL Christmas items thru today!! 
I may or may not have snuck off yesterday on my break to check it out for myself....

In other news, I haven't forgotten about the fabric garland tutorial I said I was going to get to you guys... several things just didn't happen this week and this fall back time has still got me messed up.. hence my absence this week except for Monday. 

Hope you ALL have a GREAT Saturday and a BLESSED day!



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