Monday, March 16, 2015


Happy Monday everyone! 
Friday and Sunday were filled with lots of sunshine and I welcome more of it with open arms! Such a nice change from all the 12* weather we were having there for a second.

Friday, I was able to get my roots done.. whoop whoop! Kristin, a high school student, who is doing the work program under Whitney, treated me to drying and styling it for her hours she has to turn in. It felt so good to get some pampering after a long week. I almost fell asleep under the dryer.

One of Shane's friends wife(did I even say that right?.. whatevs), tagged me in baby/girl facebook pages all day Saturday. She has introduced me to a whole new world!
In the future, I be like...

The horses also got their pedi's Saturday! It was such a rainy, dreary day but started clearing up by sunset.

Yesterday I woke up to the news that my sweet friend Whitney (I work with her at the salon) was having her baby boy! What a surprise! Her due date was April 2nd so needless to say he was a little early. Mom and baby are doing just fine tho. And so sorry, I don't even have a picture to share with you! Totally slipped our minds to take one. Briggs is absolutely precious!

I also finally treated myself to a mani/pedi. Thank goodness! My feet are officially sandal ready and it felt good wearing them yesterday too. Love this bright nail color! It feels so good to get your nails back in shape.. I was trying to think back to the last time I got them done, and if I'm not forgetting one, it was for my birthday/a wedding in April. 

This little girl has been all snuggles lately. Sweet girl laying on my belly. 
I wish she could tell me what she is thinking.

Hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start and have a wonderful, blessed week!


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