Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ft. Myers:: Our First Trip to Sanibel Beach

White sands, blue waters, sunny sky HERE WE COME! 
First thing is first, purchase of beach umbrella, and then we made our way to Sanibel. Coach asked did I want to try out a different beach (there were several around us), sounded good to me!! And we were on our way! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and peaceful!! 

We chose a spot near the pier and even got to see a couple of catches throughout the day.. cat fish and baby hammerhead shark. It was SO funny to watch the birds because the men would open their bait buckets and the birds wouldn't give second thought to grab what they could! That wasn't their first rodeo.. they knew for sure what was going on! HA! 

sanibel florida beach fishing pier
Haha. I couldn't resist.

This guy showed up out of nowhere!

One of the things I REAAALLLY wanted to do was swim with the dolphins. After searching and searching there wasn't any place available near us.. buuut I almost had the opportunity to swim with them for F-R-E-E.
There were soo many pods all around and a group of people in the water that was trying to get a closer look too. Coach and I went out and joined them and waited and waited... And waited some more. Finally, a couple came sooo close to us! However, a few kids and a few adults got REALLY excited, swam frantically past us, and there the dolphins went. I was so disappointed. 

sanibel florida beach dolphins

Our pool was SO nice at the condo! It was never crowded and this nice little waterfall pictured below made it even more peaceful. What is it about the sound of moving water? The waves, camping by a river, you name it... it will just about put me out for the count. 
The boys enjoyed a little football in the pool before us turning in for the night. Bet ya can't guess where we had dinner? 

And, sadly, coming up, our last day snuck up on us way too fast.



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