Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ft. Myers:: A Cloudy Day & That Time My Husband thought I kept being apart of the LPGA a Secret

Tuesday at Ft. Myers was not so pretty. 
It was so cloudy and rainy.. definitely not the best day to go set up at the beach. You had to pay to park every time you went and with the rain here, rain there I really didn't feel like getting set up and then having to pack up again.
At some point, the rain did hold off for me to go for a run. I was so tired of sitting for those few days, I had to get OUT of the condo. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it! These pictures do not do justice for the gorgeous run I had! It was so nice to be able to walk out the door and start running. It reminded me of a time when I lived with my Mom several+ years ago.. she lived in a subdivision and it was one of my favorite things to do. We really don't have that here at home.. I guess I could run on the road but I really don't feel good about doing that these days.

Unfortunately, Team Elite got put out of the World Series Tuesday, even tho they dominated in their game that morning. A few other things needed to happen for them to advance, and I guess it just wasn't in the cards for them. Needless to say, Coach was pretty sad their run was over.. he loves all of his kids but this group certainly is dear to his heart. I know he is definitely going to miss them this fall.

Since they had such an early game and he made it back pretty early, Brad drug him out to the golf course. I joined up with them after getting a manicure and making a quick trip to Target.... which I got SOAKED leaving the store. That light sprinkle turned into a monsoon on that short walk to the car. I looked like a serious hot mess!

By the time I got to the driving range, they were still waiting to get back out there from the lightening delay.. the detector went off and they had to wait for it to pass before they could resume.
I decided to join them for a little fun. Not sure if I have ever mentioned it before but my Dad, Uncle David, and Paw-Paw used to play golf ALL the time. When my parents were still together, we were members of a 9-hole "country club" in Commerce. I even worked for a golf company once while I was trying to build my hair business, Tin Cup. So I have been around golf a good bit.

Coach told me to hit a few if I wanted to... I seriously wonder what he was thinking when he was telling me this. Did he think I may just be able to hit a couple of them? I grabbed the pitching wedge and set up my first ball, and not gonna lie.. I tried to KILL it and totally missed. It was sooo funny. After a couple more tries of getting my swing down, I SMACKED the mess out of the ball.. a clean hit sent that ball flying into the air. Brad even turned around and said he didn't even have to see that to know that ball was going places because you could just hear it. Not to toot my own horn, but after that I was doing pretty good for not swinging a club in quite some time.
Coach and Brad even joked about me secretly being on the LPGA and never letting my husband know! Tottttallly kidding me there but it was so hilarious to hear these boys acting so shocked about me hitting the ball.
After we got in trouble from the golf pro about mine and Shane's attire, I only hit a few more and retired back to the condo and sent them off to play a round on the course. I was praying no houses lost any windows or birds were harmed in the process of Shane driving off the tee box... he was trying to straighten out a nasty, serious hook when I left. Ha.

How cool is the water driving range by the way? If you are wondering what happens to the balls they are actually floaters... they eventually float back up to the top and the current brings them back to shore.



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