Saturday, August 22, 2015

B - L - O - O - P - E - R - S

Fun post for y'all today! 
So this chalkboard picture that was recorded every week was NOT the easiest and certainly entertaining at times. And it was a flippin' production. We had to take down the picture above my head, move the sewing machine, set up the table and chalkboard, of course put everything back when we finished.. make sure the lighting was decent and even then I had to brighten it up with photoshop because it was too dark. 
Sometimes Shane wasn't even home to take it when it should've been taken and obviously he was there on the days when I was not feeling the picture taking.
I think at times he had way too much fun with the camera just clicking and clicking away. We definitely got cracked up several times!

Wait.. action??

This just cracks me up.. what kind of face is this? HA!!!

Obviously something was very funny here.. wish I could remember what it was!

 This one was more entertaining! I mean dogs everywhere!

And one thing I've realized... why in the world did I do all these with the hand on the hip?


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