Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Packing for the Hospital

I had a couple of friends help me out with my packing list and it was so helpful! Some things you wouldn't even think would be necessary like chapstick.. this is a must! You can't eat after midnight and once you get there you can only have ice chips so your lips are going to get dry. I would have NEVER have thought of this and so thankful it was suggested to me.

Short, sweet, to the point.. here is what I packed in no particular order:

* bathroom necessities 
(shampoo/cond, bodywash, toothpaste/brush, contact solution, glasses, razor, makeup, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.)
* clothes 
(coming home outfit, cardigan, maternity gym pants, socks, big girl panties (I bought boy shorts from Target.. something you won't mind getting messed up) - although I didn't wear until I got home because you will want what the hospital gives you - nursing tanks/bras)
*flip flops
*boppy pillow
*nurse's gifts
*camera/camera battery charger
*phone charger
*ipod for music 
(I downloaded a spiritual CD to listen to but I never played it)
*dog blankets
(wash/dry blankets, immediately pack in plastic bag, wrap baby in them at the hospital, pack them back in plastic bag, let them smell before you come home)
*baby coming home outfit
(we packed several items - socks, gowns, outfits, headbands, swaddle blankets)
*picture matte for visitors to sign
*Young Living oils (Peace & Calming)
*car seat
*text/call list (designate a friend/family member)
*my favorite pillow and blanket
(make sure you put a colorful pillow case on it so you won't forget it when you leave)
*Finley's journal I started for her (although I was so loopy/exhausted I never wrote in it there)
*notebook for any note taking 
*photographer/designated person for picture taking
(ours didn't make it until the very end but the nurse was able to take a few good ones for us once Finely arrived. I even asked if another nurse could come in for pictures but there were lots of babies being born that day.. so maybe if that wasn't the case one could have been in there the whole time for that)
*slippers were suggested to me but could never find any that I liked so I just wore the socks the hospital gave me

I was also told to take EVERYTHING in the room they provide for you and baby.. diapers, wipes, pads, ice packs, medicine for you, squirt bottle etc. I may or may not have taken everything in the bathroom that was for me and asked for more.. especially those ice packs but the nurses informed me whoever stocks the supply room was slack on bringing the ice packs. I think they saw the horror in my face and managed to find two for me so I think I had 4 in all when I came home.. I rationed those babies out for when I was really feeling uncomfortable!


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