Friday, August 21, 2015

Finley // Week 4

Finley, you are one month old! (8/19)
I'm going to go ahead and say what every other parent says and that is I can't believe the time has flown by so fast already! It seems like yesterday, we were checking into the hospital for your arrival.


 On Tuesday August 18th, we had to go back to the doctor because you were having some major spit up/reflux problems. It smelled so sour and you would make the worst face afterwards. When I would lay you down, you would only stay down for about 30 minutes before you were fussy again. I think it really bothered you to be on your back because of it.

Dr Setia put you on a very small dose of Zantac and so far its seemed to help. I'm hoping it will continue to improve and you will grow out of this.

Dr Setia bragged on your coloring again. Oh and I asked him where I could find your APGAR test and he said if it wasn't in our paperwork then we could call the hospital.

You can FILL UP some diapers with the #1 and #2. Your Daddy may or may not have ran out the front door one time trying to change your diaper. Apparently you weren't done when you went to change you.

While we were at the appt of course you got weighed again, you went from 8 lbs 10 oz to 9 lbs and 12 oz in just one week! You like to eat girlfriend! And you also grew one inch. Healthy little girl!


After your bottle you sleep about 4 hours. There have been times where you wake up after a couple of hours and if you don't want more to eat, I can rock you back to sleep. I really feel like you fight sleep at times.. just like me, you think you are going to miss something. I don't know if its the reflux, but you grunt and stir a lot in your sleep. I'm praying peaceful sleep over you just like you slept when we first brought you home.
You will take your paci right after your bottle to fall all the way asleep and when you wake up in between feedings. This normally does the trick with some rocking and you are back out again.

So sweet to me that you almost always have your hand by your face.

I thought this was so precious you holding your little Wabbanub!


 You are eating so good still! You are going about 4 hours and eating 4 ounces. Sometimes you will sleep a little longer than 4 hours.. like one night I thought you slept 6 and I was really getting worried.. but I found out later from your Daddy that was not the case. There have been a couple of days where you have woken up after 2 hours and you aren't satisfied until you have 2 more ounces.

Your hair looks light brown or blondish here.. I've noticed in certain lights it looks almost like a red tint has started to show.. Your Daddy has said before he bet we would have a red headed child. We'll see! Bless your heart the top looks like it's falling out and the back continues to grow. Mullet anyone?? If you are ever laying on my chest and your head gets sweaty, it looks like it would curl if it were longer. 

The past couple days I've really noticed your Dad in you.. sometimes I look at you and see my brother Blake. I need to compare some of his baby pictures to you.

We picked up K-K and went to Mama Jane's for a visit Sunday. You spit up A LOT this day and never seemed settled.

Monday, you were back smiling again! This made me so happy to see.

After all the pics I've taken of you and your Daddy, it sure does make me happy that he took this one of us. I tried to brighten it up so you could see more. This was the best cuddle morning ever.


Kyli visited it us one afternoon while we were rocking. You didn't seem to mind her.
Sox and Kyli have had some beef this week and I'm not sure where its coming from.. one night Sox got close to me and you and Kyli came from across the room and bowed up on her. I think she has officially gone into protective mode. 
She's still respectful of you when I have you.. she will just sit as close as she can possibly get next to me.


You went to your first wedding shower on 8.15. One of your Daddy's coaches is getting married next month and they invited us to their fitness shower. It was the coolest shower! 

You were SO good! Everyone was so excited to see you and you only fussed when you got ready to eat. Ashley and Brock even surprised you with a gift... your first pair of Nike!

I wish I had a picture of your whole outfit.
We were supposed to wear our fave fitness gear.. your baseball shirt was too big so I put you in pink with a white tu-tu and of course a big headband bow.

Some of my favorite people came to visit you this week! 
Chanda and her mom Glenda.. Love these ladies! I have been doing their hair forever now and they have become my family.

You are still smiling!

I laid you in your crib during the day while I was getting a few things done. You only lasted about 30 minutes.


I haven't weighed myself this week. Coach has been cooking chicken on the grill so that is nice to have. I did splurge a little on home made cookies Connie made.. I gotta get back to watching it tho.

My emotions have been pretty much like a roller coaster .. somedays I feel excellent and other days I'm sure no one can stand to be around me and then other days I'll just be weepy and crying. When does it end?! 

I did call my doctor about some concerns, which I will spare the deets, and they didn't seem to think I needed to come in until my 6 week checkup.
I'm ready for some energy to cook some paleo meals and I'm ready to work out, start a 24DC followed by Lean in 13, and get this remaining weight off! 


There are so many thoughts and prayers that have been running thru my mind lately I don't even know where to start. Maybe in the next post I'll have more energy to write about it... I'm sure you can tell how exhausted I am from the lack of enthusiasm in my writing.


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