Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finley // Week 3

Finley, you are almost 4 weeks as I write this post.. these past two weeks have flown by! Your Daddy started building our back deck/porch so it's just been mostly me and you so I am a little behind because you have been keeping me busy busy.


We went to the doctor on Monday 10th for your weight check appointment. You gained almost a whole pound so that puts you at weighing 8 lbs and 10 oz. Dr Setia said you didn't have to come back until your 1 month checkup. He also bragged on your coloring and said that your jaundice is gone. I've been so used to you looking 'tan' that I've worried you have been sick since the coloring has been gone. Your complexion is just beautiful to me.

This was your outfit for Uncle Ko Ko going away party but you peed on it so it was on to the next one!

I was worried you wouldn't be able to wear a lot of your newborn clothes but most of them are too big so you will get some great wear out of them! Whoo hoo!

I feel like the sleep is all over the place. 
Just when I think we are in some kind of routine/schedule it ends up going to pieces.
I need to read Baby Wise or something to help me out on this but who has time to read? We didn't this week because with me being up with you every night, Mommy was exhausted and we napped everyday. It made the days just fly by.

I did lay you in your crib for the first time to nap and I may as well have just stood next to the crib the whole time because I couldn't stop checking on you. Didn't get anything done during that nap time!
 Notice your arm is out of being swaddled.. you can't stand to have your arms wrapped so I just swaddle your lower half.

Pa got in some visit time! He really enjoyed holding you. 

No more Mamarazzi please!!
Your hands are always in your face.

 I can't believe how different you already look from this photo. You have definitley gained a little weight and continue to change daily.

Your smiles are so precious! I love watching all your facial expressions.

I downloaded The Wonder Weeks and one of the signs it said to look for during one of your leaps was you liking belly to belly contact. I was floored when I read this because there were a couple mornings when you were extremely fussy and somehow we ended up just this way! You slept so peacefully and I didn't dare disturb you but just enjoyed extra snuggle time.

Love seeing these moments with you and your Daddy.


You are mostly eating 4oz and burp pretty good after every ounce. You pretty much always fall asleep by the end of the bottle and if you don't then you do after I burp and rock you. I got so used to feeding you on the couch in the beginning since, it was most comfortable while I was healing, that I've been trying to feed you in the nursery more. I enjoy being in there with you.


Sox cracked me up this week.. you were screaming your head off while I was trying to fix your bottle and she started barking.. like an alarm to let me know I needed to get you. She was pretty upset about it.

The puppies love you so much!

Kyli saw an opportunity one afternoon and took it for herself. She has been SO good since you have been here. She was the one we were most worried about and she has just really proved herself to us just how good she can be.

I LOVE this picture!
You look completely zoned in to Kyli.

They do seem just as exhausted as we do sometimes.

And Kyli will get as close as she can!


You are opening your eyes more and more.. I feel like you really focused on me for the first time this week.

I love you in hair bows but they don't really stay put when you are in your carriers. You had rooted around so much that I looked over and this is what I found!

Speaking of rooting you have certainly turned into a rootin', tootin', grunting machine. It's hysterical. 

You went to Uncle Ko Ko's going away party..

And we went to visit Mama Jane for her birthday on Wednesday. 


What a difference 2 1/2 - 3 weeks makes! For the most part, I was feeling much better .. I drove for the first time, my tush felt better, Finley and I stopped in Bed, Bath, & Beyond in Athens after her dr's appt, but then I started feeling yuck again. Maybe I did too much in a short amount of time. Towards the end of week 3, my bottom started feeling bad again. I even did a couple of sitz baths and felt a little better. I would love to soak in the bathtub but for some reason this just freaks me out a bit right now.
I weighed myself again this week and I was down to 146. You really do feel so much thinner after you give birth that you think you can fit back into your clothes.. wrong. I did manage to get into these shorts for Kolton's party but had to wear a belly band because they wouldn't quite button. Ha.

So funny story with getting to this party... Finley peed on her outfit, I spilled fruit punch spark on my shirt, when I got Finley into her car seat she filled up her diaper again, I almost forgot the milk, and I locked myself out of the house which put us leaving almost an hour late. Fun times with getting out of the house for the first time with a newborn. But great news.. we made it!!!

It can be super scary driving for the first time alone with your newborn but I was so proud of making one stop to purchase some wedding shower gifts.. all by ourselves! We did make it almost all the way home but Finley started screaming her head off for some milk so I had to pull over and feed her. I thought maybe she would calm down to the truck running but no such thing. 

Since I'm behind on posts and didn't make any notes for this week, the only thing that really sticks out in my mind is how exhausted I was being with Finley most of the time while the porch was started and finished.
I can't believe how fast these days have gone by and now we are pretty much at week 4 now. My hormones are making that really hard on me and I'm just trying to focus on soaking up every second being home with her everyday right now. 

Tuesday night was a pretty emotional night because I knew Kolton was leaving Wednesday. The hormones are seriously no joke at all! I am super ready for that to be back to normal along with everything else that needs to heal.


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