Monday, November 12, 2012

5 days...


Who knew it would get here so fast???

I certainly didn't think it would get here so quickly! 

Everything I feel like is falling into place.
I feel like I was on the phone all day making phone calls but they were PRODUCTIVE phone calls. 
Hey.. that's all that counts, right?

Things are lining up just nicely.

I am so thankful for every. single. person. who has lent a helping hand so far. I am forever grateful and I would probably be going a little lot of crazy right now. 

Yesterday, my sweet Mother surprised me with this:

It was absolutely perfect.

It is a little rainy right now but I know the weather changes and I am just praying for another beautiful, sunny Saturday.

Coach says the Ceremony site looks beautiful. He sure has been working his booty off down there the past few days.

I love you Boo and I sure do 'ppreciatcha!!!


Mallory Castleberry said...

It will be perfect! The leaves are beautiful right now.

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Thank you Mallory! The pond where we got married was absolutely gorgeous that day AND all the algae was gone too! God is good! XxOo

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