Thursday, October 22, 2015

Finley // Week 12


You are such a happy baby Finley so this week really got me worried with the increase in your poopy diapers. I called the Dr and they said you could've had a small bug.. also I have a strong feeling you are teething and from what I've read, that effects your bowel movements as well. And eeewweee little girl, they are stinky, stinky. I'm surprised your Daddy has been able to hold it together when he's home with you and has to change those.

Since your dirty diapers have increased, it's started giving you a serious diaper rash. We started with Butt Paste, then I started using Crack Cream that a friend makes and it really started to clear up.

I got the go ahead to put Orajel on your gums and it has helped so much with your crankiness. When I go and pick you up from your naps, you have the blanket, your fingers, or if your shirt will reach your mouth, it's in there and you are gnawing away.
I don't know if the teething has anything to do with it, but you have definitely wanted your pacifier more.


You still have a healthy appetite! This is one of the things I really paid attention to when you started having more poopy diapers. You were still eating like a champ thru all that.


Sox has been coming around more! She is very respectful of you though.


You have pretty consitently been letting us know between 7-8 is your bedtime. You are yawning and rubbing your eyes and you'll start this little cranky chatter the sleepier you get. You've taken longer naps in your crib but when you spit up more, in the hammock you go because that's really the best sleep you get is when you are elevated.

The following pics were from one morning when you hung out with Mommy in the bathroom while I finished getting ready. You were so happy and your just busy busy moving those arms and legs all the time.

I took these pictures for your Daddy so he could see you while he was out on the road. His response, "She's so precious."
I have to agree.

After bathtime. You were just a talking after this bath.

I love seeing your smiles!!

It's so fun seeing you so happy in the mornings!
This is one of my favorite pj's!


Cooing and smiling constantly!
You love the outdoors still..
You are following objects with your eyes..
You stay busy moving your arms and legs..
You didn't fight sleep this week as much as you have in the past..
You like facing forward so you can see what's going on..
Sometimes you wake up 'talking' instead of screaming your head off and you just smile HUGE when I greet you in the mornings..


Well I finished the 24DC and just when things were getting awesome and I didn't have to jump around as much to get into some pants, things got really rough at home. There were a couple days I emotionally ate, and then there were a couple days where I pretty much didn't eat at all and just slept whenever I could. I've never been an emotional eater and it's certainly not good to just not eat either, so I have absolutely no clue where I would've been if I finished strong. There was about a 5 day stretch where I just stopped working out, too. I just wasn't there emotionally or physically. I'm really upset with myself and how things turned out but what do you do? I did step on the scale today and I'm still pretty much 10 lbs from pre-baby weight. It's just really been an emotional battle for me.


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