Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finley // Week 9


The rash on your face hung around for about a week and a half. There are still a few bumps that come up on your face from time to time but for the most part your pretty complexion you had when you were a newborn has returned.
After that, you had a little dry spell that popped up behind your right ear, in front of you right ear, that came up above your eyebrow into the center of your forehead. Your pedatrician suggested petroleum jelly after your bath while your skin was still moist. That has done the trick!

At times, I've hear a little rattle in your nose and I've wondered if its dust from the house that aggravates you. I just try and suction all the junk out of your nose as much as I can. Your Daddy also put in a new air filter for the house. Whoo hoo!

Your hair is still coming back on the very top! And those long pieces that are at the crown of your head are hanging on and even longer!


You are still eating good at 4 oz and sometimes will take a little more but only on occasion. 

You and Pastor Arlene


I think it's safe to say that you are a sleep fighter. And after reading another article on babies and their schedules, I have learned that maybe you have just been overstimulated at times and its really hard for you to fall asleep. It suggested that if you tried to put your baby down to sleep too early or too late, they could be really fussy. Well, with a little trial and error, I think your awake time is at about an hour and 15 minutes. When we hit around that time, you barely put up a fight and drift right off to sleep. If I try too early, you scream and if I'm too late, you scream even louder and longer. Bless your heart. I do know that I LOVE to cuddle with you when you are sleeping.

And I'm pretty sure when your Daddy holds you, your favorite place is in the crook of his arm.

A few times when I've tried to get you down for a nap, you haven't seemed to get comfortable in my arms no matter what I would do. So I would lay you in your seat and rock you with your pap in your mouth, and you would pass right out. It made me happy and sad all at the same time. Happy that you seemed to somewhat put yourself to sleep and sad because I love to rock you while your in my arms.


They are all super sweet with you and love you so much! I still think Kyli is super protective over you when any of the other puppies try and come near you.


You have really been cooing and smiling super big starting this week! From the looks of some of these pictures, you would think that you have cackled. But you don't, you just smile really big! 
The. Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

Mommy can't even believe how big you are getting!! In some pictures you just look super big. Like I've said before the new-newborn stage as I like to call it just doesn't last very long at all. 

First off, I love this picture of you! This is your new thing.. you arch your back, pull your legs up, and throw your hands up in the air and poke you lips out and STTREEEETTCCCHHHH.
I. love. it.

Secondly, we seriously need a new couch. Between spit up and me spilling my water all over it, it has left some stains behind.

You attended church for the first time at ACTS. You did SO good! Pastor Arlene prayed over you when we got there and you were at such peace as she walked to the alter with you. You tried to get fussy one time and I took you to the bathroom and swaddled you and about 2 seconds after we got back into the sanctuary, you passed out. You slept in your car seat for just about most of the time until you were ready to eat. Deneen fed you for me so I could take some notes. You were a perfect angel!

You also went to your first football game! Haylee was on court and Gigi invited us to go. You did so good there too but started getting fussy when we were getting ready to leave just after half-time, so we called it a night. 


On September 21st, I started my 24DC and t-25. I had started the Jamie Eason post pregnancy workout but I decided to go with the other since there are modifications to the exercises, if I felt like I needed to do so. When I have followed Tania instead of the rest of the group, certain areas of my body have felt so much better.. I still feel like I'm able to get a good workout too! Also, it's 25 minutes so if Finley decides she's only going to sleep for 45 minutes, I've got it done for the day! For now, I'm going to stick with T-25 and when I'm finished, and Finley is napping longer, I want to hit the gym for some weight lifting and Jamie Eason. As I type this, I'm on day 14, and the scale says I've only lost 3-4 lbs. Between sucking down water and mother nature, I've felt pretty bloated, my gut has not seemed to go down AT ALL, my thighs still seem massive, so needless to say, I'm still not fitting into any of my jeans. I've been meal prepping like a mad woman and with the exception of Coach's Sushi birthday dinner and 4 Oreos I popped due to emotional eating, I've stuck with this pretty dang good. I'm just going to keep on trucking tho because I am determined.
For now, its leggings, maternity jeans, gym pants, and big shirts. Sigh.
I'm loving having some Catalyst, MNS, and Spark back in my life.. I can tell a HUGE difference in my energy level and I am all about that these days! 

There have been a couple of nights I haven't slept well and also a couple nights that I have woken up really sweaty. I thought that had passed but I guess not. It's definitely slacked off since the beginning but still super annoying since I feel drenched when I wake up. I feel like I sweat more easily now when I workout as before it would take me a little bit to break out into a sweat period.


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