Monday, October 12, 2015

Finley // Week 11

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures. Mommy saw this shirt on Pinterest and has a friend who knows can print shirts and BOOM, I got it made. And you seriously know how to rock a bow sweet baby! She also made a couple of other shirts for you that are just adorable and La La has some blankets and shirts that she is going to monogram for you, too.


You are still one grinning sweet angel baby. There is a video to go along with these pictures and you are talking up a storm! My YouTube account is private so I'm not sure I could upload these from there onto this blog and you be able to view them?? If not, all pictures and videos have been sent to your very own email for you to have. Mommy isn't quite finished catching up on that yet but I got a great start this week!

I feel like the back of your head is too flat and I even asked Dr Setia about it at your checkup, but he said it would reshape itself after you start sitting up more. It still concerns me, so I've tried to lay you on your side when you nap during the day. I check on you non stop because all your pediatriticain has said and from what I've read is to lay you on your back.. and one time I did freak out and moved you. So bless your heart, I hope your dr is right because when you look at your head from the side it almost looks like it comes to a point in the crown. Its funny over time how things change so much, let them sleep on their side, no put them on their stomach, and now it's your back. Whew!


You are still eating great! Mommy tried to put a NB onesie on you this week and it just wasn't happening. I think it's safe to say, besides a few NB that are bigger, you have officially moved up to 3 month clothes. I love seeing you healthy and growing but Mommy's little girl is growing so fast!!


They all love you but Kyli especially does! She can be jealous at times but she sure does patiently wait her turn or finds another lap to satisfy her until I am free to give her some attention.

We were in the nursery one night rocking and Kyli came in checking on us.. she didn't hang out long tho! She did some kind of twinkle toe-ariel-ballet paw spin and out the door she went! It was THE funniest thing I've seen her do in a long time and I was laughing so hard I'm pretty sure I almost woke you up. I had to get it under control.

I love this of you and Kyli! She was busy chewing on her bone and you kept turning your head. I finally got my phone camera out and flipped the camera so I could see your facial expressions. You were staring her down! Ha!

She has tried kissing you more and Mommy has had to get onto her.. Mara tried more this week as well. Kyli's kisses are little and quick and Mara's kisses are sllloooowwww and big. They 99% of the time kiss you on the back of the head which cracks me up because it stands your hair off your head or makes it appear curly.

Speaking of curly, I really do think when your hair gets longer it's going to be curly!


You are still cooing and will talk back as long as someone is talking to you. You smile really big in the midst of all of that too and let me tell you smiling is contagious with you! It makes me feel so good to see you smiling and happy. Your jibber-jabber sounds are the sweetest and I could sit and listen to it all day!
You are starting to grab onto things and hold onto them longer.. for example Mommy's hair. It's almost always pulled back now.

You spent some time over at Grandma Kathy's house Saturday Oct 4th with Mama Jane and Gigi too while Mommy worked. It was a rainy, yucky day.

You also had a couple of visitors to see you while you were there.. Titus is one of Mommy's next door neighbors and I think he was just in awe of you! How sweet of him to want to hold your hand! Mom said that he just grabbed it while his Mommy Tara was holding you..

Meadow also visited.. Her Mom, Cassie, and I went to school together and Cassie's Mom is good friends with your Grandma Kathy.. they love them some Elvis by the way!

Absolutely adorable!

You are not minding being in your carseat as much but if you fall asleep in the car, and I try to lay you back down, you wake up and won't go back to sleep.

That afternoon, you and I finished watching the Georgia/Alabama game, and then you had a visit from Mimi and Stephany and Hadlee.

You fell asleep in Mimi's lap

And I got to hold sweet, Miss Hadlee!

I love 'chatting' with you and seeing you smile back! Aaahh Mommy could just eat you up!

It's been a little cooler with the rain so Mommy bought you some long sleeved shirts.. this is one of them.. and you have only worn it once for about 3 minutes because you spit up on it so bad I had to change your clothes.

Stephany bought you some Halloween bottles! I thought they were the cutest and so festive AND they are Dr Browns.


You napped and slept in your crib a lot more this week. And one night, you slept in your crib from 8ish to 2:30AM. Whoa! The mattress is still elevated for your reflux and yes I did move this burp cloth out from your face... don't want anyone roasting me on here.

We still do bath time at bedtime and you are still loving it. You never really don't cry and fuss when its time for you to take a nap or go down to sleep at bedtime unless it's in the middle of the night after your feedings. You just doze right back to sleep by the last drop of milk.
I know before I would get really stressed out with you crying when it was time for naps.. now, I've just learned that this is what Finley is going to do and I just rock you and bounce you and kiss on you until you exhaust yourself and pass out. I will say the length of crying is getting shorter.

The last two pics and this picture is all in the same day.. we had TONS of outfit changes because your spit up was off the charts! But it really didn't seem to bother you at all!

Morning times are still the sweetest and one of my fave times of the day.

You are a busy body moving your arms and legs too! 

This was your outfit of the day before I left for work one morning, and the first time you've worn shoes besides your slippers. Still trying to get you in some outfits before it gets really cold. It has warmed back up thank goodness so you can wear them! 

 La La crocheted you this gorgeous hat!! I LOVE all the color and the flower comes off if you want it to. It's a little big right now but I'm pretty sure you loved it! You wore it for awhile sitting her with Mommy while we chatted away!

And here we are trying to get in some tummy time. You absolutely hate it and we really need to do more of it.

You grabbed and held on tight to one of your toys hanging down on your gym set this week! I have it on my Nikon and will download it when I have more time. You didn't let go for a long time! It was with your right hand and your Daddy was cracking me up telling me to try and get you to grab it with your left hand. He said you needed to be a left handed golfer or softball player.. those coaches love those lefties! He was just joking tho.. we are gonna support you no matter what sport or talent you have love for!


Tuesday it seemed like when my feet hit the floor I was crying and it didn't let up until about Thursday or Friday. I told myself I was going to stop all the way to work and it didn't.. and in fact, the flood gates opened up even more as soon as I walked into work and didn't stop until about mid way into my first client appt. Thank goodness it was Mrs Glenda. She just loved on me and talked to me and really got me calmed down. I just love her! There just seems to be so much going on...


Mommy loves you little girl! I have so much fun with you and love seeing you smile and cooing and having a ball! You are my Angel Baby and bring me so much happiness and joy. I'm enjoying seeing you growing and watching your mind develop and your little personality shining bright! I'm looking forward to some pumpkin patch fun with you this month sweet girl!


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