Thursday, August 25, 2016

Finley turns 1

It was a HOT and humid early Saturday morning on July 23rd. We held Finley's first birthday party at our home on our screened in back porch. We've had some serious hot weather here in Georgia this summer and this day was no better. Everyone was a champ in celebrating with us tho and I'm so thankful for the family and friends who came.

Shabby chic was her theme and I absolutely LOVE how everything turned out. It was early morning from 9-11:30 so a dessert bar it was for the food.. donuts, rice krispy treats, cupcakes, white chocolate covered pretzels.. my mom made a lemon pie (that unfortunately didn't make it out), along with another sweet breakfast treat that she surprised us with. (It was so yummy!) One of my favorites were the cookies .. I sent pictures of the fabric that was used for her backdrop and the lady designed from that and did an AMAZING job!

Amber made this topper! Love it!

Finley's smash cake and the cake were absolutely delicious and just beautiful.

I'm in love with this fabric that I chose for her backdrop streamer and high chair. There was a little trouble in getting it to stay onto the high chair and finally the country came out in me and duck tape was the answer... but it was SO humid and sticky, that the tape eventually worked its way off the chair.
Still beautiful tho to me.
I made her party hat from supplies from Hobby Lobby.

Before everything got setup.. Love these tissue balls Amber made. Eventually one by one they started falling too and onto the cake! Ha! Just makes for some fun memories!

I ordered cotton candy from a local ice cream shop for the party favors.

After we got everything set up, friends and family started arriving! 

I love this picture! It's like she's asking "All you guys are here for my birthday??!!"

This sweet girl stayed with me Friday and was such a big help to get everything set up!

Such a sweet picture of Sox!

And Finley's boyfriend arrives to the party!

Sweet Brynn showing Fin some birthday love.

Just like for her birthday pics she did not like the smash cake. I let her try a donut later on and she LOVED it. 

It was so hot, present opening only lasted for a few minutes.

This girl LOVES to read and she nuzzled down in my lap and we read a few pages. This has ended up being one of favorite books. She brings it to us to read her all the time.

And afterwards, all she wanted was her veggies and sweet potatoes and that's just what birthday girl got!

Finley loves visiting the horses with her  Da Da.

After the party we BOTH napped for about 3 hours. We were worn out from all the fun (and Mommy from all the planning, running around, and decorating. WHEW! It was so worth it tho.) 
We are so thankful for everyone and our village that made this day so special!
I'm so thankful for those that lent an extra hand to help me get everything finished!
It was such a blast!


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