Thursday, March 17, 2016

Finley // 7 Months

Finley, I know I've told you this before but you are such a blessing! You are SO happy 99% of the time the other 1% is when you are sleepy sleepy, the dogs wake you up, and when you have a dirty diaper.. and when Mommy is trying to put shoes on your feet. Ha! 

Whitney let us borrow Brynn's Minnetonka fringe booties and as soon as I got both of them on you kicked and rubbed your feet together pitching a fit until I took them off. Sigh. I do hope you will wear some blinged out Converse just for me.. just for a little bit. wink, wink

You really only do good for Daddy in your seat.. if Mommy walks into the room its game over. 

Grandma Kathy came to see you before she had to go to Emory..

You are LOVING your stroller! Mommy got a new car and I took it out of your room to put into said new car and it never made it. When we start to push the stroller you start "aaaahhhhh" in a really soft voice.

Hadlee came over and me and Stephany took pictures of y'all for Mimi and Big Pops valentine..
as you can see, you were NOT a fan! 

It was a little chilly and you had either just woken up or you were ready to lay down when we were ready to get started.

I just love your outfits and this was the first time you had worn this one. It's really crowded in your car seat when you have "hoodies" on or even your fur vests.

We had snow on February 10th. Brrr it was cold!

Just playing dress up!

Caught you being silly! Goodness love those cheeks and that smile!

You were fascinated with this tag on your mat and you were all about scooting around on the floor this particular night.

You weren't crawling but you would get up on all fours rock and back and forth.

We celebrated your first Valentine's Day!

Sox is coming around more and more and you enjoy trying to pet them.

This was the first time you sat in the grocery buggy. Mommy didn't have a cover so I just used a blanket, which was very challenging.. you enjoyed yourself and being up and looking around! Since then I have gotten you a cover and I don't know if you were just in a mood but you didn't want any part of sitting in the buggy then!

You love morning time and breakfast and don't mind sitting here while Mommy cooks breakfast.

Had to get you in your outfit you wore to Grandma Kathy's Pajama Shower to get her ready for Emory.

Bright and early fun!

You love your stroller and your blocks!

I had stopped at one point and this is how you turned to look at me. Ha!

Daddy/Daughter time!

La La made you this hat and embroidered your jacket and it's one of my faves!

You love pancakes and even tho you had already eaten you will try to get anything of anyone's plate.

Some of my fave pajamas!

You and Mara have become such buddies! I say she is smiling in this picture with you.


Notes from Finley's journal ::

2.14.16 // waved goodbye // a few nights waking up at 4:30am and 5:30am

2.15.16 // clapped hands together a couple of times

2.18.16 // making noise with mouth (tongue between gums and making a spitting sound) // likes to slap hands on Bumbo tray and bang other items // rolling over and scooting around in crib


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