Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday, it's so good to see you especially when I have the day off to have an extra day with our angel baby.. Dear weather, I hope you end up being pretty for us but I think it's going to rain. Please try and hold off or better yet bring the sun.. Dear Blog, I have missed you a little and it was fun reuniting with you last night for a couple of hours.. Dear Mom, I can't wait for you to be home and with all of us again. You have been such a strong trooper and so many people are continuing to pray for you.. Dear Brain, please don't fail me anytime soon. I was worried about you last week, because I had to think about how old I was.. and then I had to calculate how old I was just to make sure I wasn't crazy. It's all good tho. I'll let it pass this time.. just don't forget anymore birthdays, OK? Dear Finley, I'm loving you being back to mostly 11ish hours of sleep. It's been wonderful and for the most part I've learned to take myself to bed as early as I can after you.. Dear 8ish lbs, you can decide to melt off at any point in the near future. You are being quite stubborn!
Dear Weekend Warriors, I hope you have a WONDERFUL, BLESSED weekend!


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