Friday, January 5, 2018

Fallyn // 7 Months

You turned 7 months on November 27th.

Friday we got up and had Thanksgiving at Mimi and Big Pops house.
Wheezie got y'all these outfits at a store in Griffin and they are sooo cute!! Love dressing you gals alike... although I may get scolded for it when y'all get older. Ha!

You two had so much fun taking these pictures. I was cracking up at y'all interacting with each other.

Laughing so hard! I love love love it!

Before we all got ready that morning! Nap time. I love Finley smiling in the background. She loves you so much.

At Mimi and Big Pops thanksgiving you played with this cup forever!! It's all you wanted.
You had your first dressing at the Hopper's Thanksgiving lunch and it continued to Friday. You loved it. You are doing so good with table foods!

Everybody says you are my Daddy's twin! You do look so much more like a Brookshire than Finley. I can't wait to get some of Dad's baby pictures so compare y'alls together.

Go Dawg's!!
You seriously cracked me up throwing your leg up while I was taking this picture.

So this particular Saturday I thought that Finley had her final dance class. We all got up, got dressed in a hurry and out the door we went. We were even going to be a few minutes late and I was praying there was going to be a parking place. Well!! We didn't have to worry about that because when we pulled in, there was NO ONE there! It was horrible. Finley got so upset. 

Since we were already out, we decided to go to Little Italy in town. 

Trip to Hobby Lobby for some Christmas decor! Gigi went with us and Fin Fin but I don't even think I got a picture of all of you together. Such a happy baby.

You were cracking me and your Daddy up.. you were talking and slapping and carrying on conversations with him. He was soaking up every bit of it and both of ya'll were laughing about it.

Play time in your room!

Sweet piggies.

Poor Sox is so scared of you and your walker. She is normally running!

We were a couple days late this year getting our tree than normal but we made it!! This is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays!! It was a little chilly but we bundled up, picked out our tree and had some fun family time!

have I told you how much I love your smile!?

Hanging out with Mommy! I have realized I have not worn you in such a long time!! You are just on the move!

This is Finley's photog skills she's got going on.

Well, I laid you down for a nap and when I went to get you, this blanket was rolled up and you had somehow wrapped it all the way around you and up under your armpits. I have no idea how you did that but it cracked me up.



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