Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Fallyn // 11 Months

Fallyn, you turned Eleven months on March 27th. One more month and you will be ONE! I cannot believe it. You are still so cuddly and you LOVE your blanky. Your nap time is around the time we get to church and you are so sleepy. You will just lay your head on my shoulder with your blanket and lay like that almost the entire time during worship. I love how calm and peaceful you are when we get into church. It's like you feel His precense as well.
You are into EVERYTHING. And when we come after you if you are into something, you take off crawling into fast speed ahead! On March 27th, you said "mama" over and over again (I think this started a week before then officially). The other day when I picked you up from Gamma and Pas, when I walked in the door, you got SO excited and basically jumped onto the floor and crawled so fast to get to me. It just about made me a puddle in the floor.
You love to check on the baby chicks but they have started to fly and that scares you a bit sometimes. Your teething has really been bothering you at times and some mornings you fuss and fuss as soon as you get up. You are a great sleeper and napper for the most part, but there have been some here and there that you do not want to lay down for and some nights where you have started waking up again. 
Everyday, more and more, you and Finley have the sweetest connections with each other. I pray y'all are so close as you get older. When y'all get to each other first thing in the mornings, you get so excite and y'all both laugh and smile and hug and kiss all over each other.
You love just about all foods except for bananas. You just are not a fan. You eat sweet potatoes, apples, peaches, blueberries, pancakes, muffins, green beans, other greens, Mac and cheese, peppers, eggs, yogurt, you even had your first sugar cookie and Mimi and Big Pops when Hadlee and Fin baked their cookies, hamburger, spaghetti, tacos.. you name it and you will eat it.
You are still crawling and pulling up on all things.. I'm so surprised you haven't taken off yet on your own. You have your own toy basket in the living room and you love to get your toys out and play with them and sometimes you put them back int he basket. When you get into the kitchen you love playing the "drums" with the dog bowls and also banging on their tin food holder and making all kinds of noise. 
You can throw a real hissy fit when we change your diaper or your clothes. You are NOT interested.
As soon as I turn the water on in the bathtub, you stand up on the sides just a talking and slapping the tile until I put you in there.. You LOVE LOVE bath time! You get in there and love to run your hands thru the water falling out of the faucet and roll around and splash. I am so looking forward to seeing you in a pool!
I will have to say that you have your seldom moments of being still but the rest of the time.. you are on the G-O! It is SO hard getting pictures these days because you are just wanting to do your own thing.
We all love your big personality Fallyn!

Good morning and all smiles and happy!

You get into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street just as much as Fin does!

We all went to Briggs birthday party and you slept the entire time. I'm kind of glad that you did because it was outside and it was freezing. 
After the party we went and had lunch at Gringos again. It was delish!

I think the camera was confusing you.. you would look into the camera and then look up at me. Ha!

When we got home that afternoon it was sunny and warm so we went outside for the afternoon. It was so nice!!

Trying to get Mommy while I make breakfast.

I love all your hair here!

At Big Pops and Mimi's hanging out while Fin Fin and Hadlee baked. We even got nap time snuggles in while they finished.

First sugar cookie!

And your twin. Ha! You definitley got the Brookshire genes thats for sure.

Checking on the baby chicks!

And night time snuggles. I'm so going to miss these days....

Fallyn, what would we do without you? You bring us so much joy and smiles and we are so blessed by you! We thank God for trusting us with you and Finley both.. 
We love you so much!


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