Saturday, September 3, 2016

1st Family Vaca // Finley's 1st Beach Trip // Day 5

Thursday seemed to be a short day for us. Finley just needed a break from the sand and sun. We had an early breakfast but by the time we got ready and out to the beach, we were probably only out there about 45 minutes. While we were at the beach, two of her teeth were cutting thru her gums. She did so good to be out of her element and cutting teeth.

Love this cute little bathing suit, chubby cheeks, chunky legs, and that sweet smile. Well, everything about this picture.

This was the cutest thing.. 

We've got some red hair!

We were pretty much the only ones on the beach and it was so nice and peaceful.

I took Finley back to our room and her and Daddy laid down for a nap and I was able to go back out by myself for a couple of hours.

After I felt like I got a little too much sun and realized how hungry I was, I made my way back up to the room, showered, and we made our way to find some lunch..

BBQ it was and it was so yummy!

After lunch, Finley fell asleep in the car so we ran a couple of errands and made our way back to the room. Since we were already mostly ready, we decided that we would do pictures. We got changed and met Stacey and she captured the most awesome photos of us!


Afterwards we went to Bass Pro Shop because Shane had been itching to get out on the beach and fish. Finley did so good for the amount of time we were there and she almost fell asleep at one point.

Love my little family and the fun we have together!


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