Sunday, September 4, 2016

1st Family Vaca // Finley's 1st Beach Trip // Day 6

Shane set his alarm and got up early to use his new fishing rod out on the beach. 
This beach bum here fell asleep early and woke up at 2AM for a bottle. This Mama went back to sleep after that but there were several times this week that I woke up at 4AM and even 6AM. 

We had a great morning on the beach! 
Me and Fin did our usual breakfast and made our way down to find Daddy still fishing. We all got in the ocean and it felt so good. Seaweed started making its way to the shore and I just don't do seaweed at all.

Finley played peek-a-boo with her towel that I saw for the first time. (later on when I told Shane he said that she had done this before) I've played peek-a-boo with her several times but it was so cute to see it finally click with her. She got so tickled at herself.

I would also kick the water when the waves came in and she would pick her little leg up and point it in the air. We took little walks and Finley even made a friend.. Shane told me he was about to take pictures of them but then the little girl splashed water all over Finley's face. She didn't know any better but it really upset Finley.

We all went up to the room had lunch and Fin went down for her nap... and that meant Mom had some Mommy time. I took my Nikon back to the beach and snapped away. It's like therapy and I wish  I could get into it more.

Finley took a long nap and by the time she woke up, there was only about an hour before they would take up the chairs. The sun was blaring so I decided just to go back up and start getting ready for an early dinner. 
When Shane and I went a few years ago together, we ate at a restaurant that I loved. I just couldn't remember the name of it BUT I just randomly picked that one while searching for places to eat earlier that day, and when we got there we realized that was the one!

Finley slept for a little bit and then woke up to join us. And we got there just in time before the crowd! Whew there was a long line when we were leaving. We didn't get a window seat like I wanted but it was still OK.

Love this picture of us!


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