Thursday, September 1, 2016

1st Family Vaca // Finley's 1st Beach Trip // Day 4

Finley woke up early this day and this Mama got to sleep in a little bit. After I did get up and breakfast was finished, me and Fin made our way to the beach. 

She loved being in her chair and we built sand castle after sand castle after sand castle all week. She thought it was so much fun tearing it down as soon as I made one.. sometimes she would even try and put the bucket back on top and pat it. 

We even caught up on the latest with the Olympic gymnasts!

We had our first nap on the beach.. FINALLY!! Daddy has the magic touch!

Happy baby in the water!

Later in the afternoon, we all went up, ate, and even visited with Scott and Stacey and their daughter. It was so nice to have them there at the same time and visit with them!

Fin eventually got tired and it was nap time with Daddy and I made my way back to the beach for a walk.

After I peeled myself off the beach, we got ready and decided on Dewey's for dinner. Oh my it was SO HOT! I asked for first available thinking we would get inside and nope.. it was out on the deck where there were NO fans. I know Finley was so uncomfortable.. she was back and forth in and out of her high chair and finally she and I went inside and sat in the waiting area for a while. She enjoyed looking at the desk display and getting a couple of Dewey's stickers.

Love my sweet little family.


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