Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fallyn // Week 25

Early morning play time! 

You look so big here! Can't believe you have grown this much already. It seems like yesterday and time is continuing to fly by so quickly.

Love getting pics of you two together! Fin Fin loves you so much I pray y'all love each other this much if not more when you get older.

Mommy blended up a pancake for you after you were eyeballing some of ours! You really enjoyed it!
Your eyes are so big and beautiful!

You have been showering Mommy with kisses like this -- grabbing my face and just smashing slobbery wet kisses all over me! I love it LOVE it!!

Nap time. This is THE softest blanket ever La La made for you!

So incredibly happy happy happy waking up from a nap! I love your huge, happy grins like this.. like you are just so happy you are going to jump out of your skin!

I can't remember if you and Fin Fin napped the same time this day and y'all woke up about the same time but Finley loves to lay with you in your crib so bad.

You find it so hilarious sometimes!

The sweetest!!

One of my favorite outfits you wear!

I think the top is 6 months and the pants are 3 months. I just packed them up and you now have all 6 months clothes in your dresser. Such a tiny little thing.

We were trying to get ready to go somewhere and you were trying with all your might to get this in your mouth!

In Fin Fin's room getting around ! You haven't started crawling on all 4's but you scoot around pretty good!

Our annual visit to the pumpkin patch! I was so excited to take y'all! 

One of the few times you've held you botttle on you own.

I think Gamma wanted you to spend the night with her and I ended up taking Fin Fin home with me this night to have some one on one time. She screamed your name all the way home and I thought I was going to have to turn around and come get you. We've never done that again !

Getting some snuggles in before going home!


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