Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blogger Award Fun!!

Blogger Award
YAY! I got my very first blog award from the gorgeous Mrs. Danielle Butler from Butler Party of 2! I am VERY new in the blogging world so I was so excited to see this! Shall we begin?

1. What is your current beauty obsession?
I would have to say my Clarasonic.. I had been wanting one for about a year, and this past Christmas, my grandmother surprised me with one! This is actually the exact set that she got me. My face is rough in areas, especially around my chin.. One go around on the face and it feels silky smooth! It also helps remove 6x the makeup than when using your hands, makes pores appear smaller, (genetics has given me big pores), it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, (I'll take that!), and it's soft and non abrasive for different skin types. I love the case too that I can put it in when I travel and how cool is the print? 

2. What is one beauty item you wish you owned?

Hmmmm.. this is a tough one. Not really sure if you would classify these as a beauty item but it's what I would want at the moment. I already have tons of makeup and brushes, (I am a Hair Stylist and also do makeup for weddings and events), so I would love an awesome carrier for all that. When I go on the road and to events everything is separated, so it would be nice to have everything organized in one place. 
If I had to choose another, I would love to have a customized vanity in the house. I have always wanted something set up for my tools, and makeup, brushes, lipsticks, etc to have their own special place and somewhere to just be in my own little world experimenting with different ideas and creating new looks. 
(This would be a pretty cool start with a little more country vintage look added to it)

3. What kind of posts are you favorite to read and write?

Right now, since I am so new in the blogging world, I am enjoying reading different ones. I can tell you I am trying to rid the negativity out of my life and surround myself with the people who truly love me, are positive, and who are uplifting, so I would love to read more positive things and posts that make me laugh. We could all use a little more laughter.. It's definitely a good thing for the soul. 

I think I have only written 13 posts and they have all been different. From my engagement this past December, to my 3 4-legged babies, to bullying, and crafting. I do hope to be positive to others as well and bring a smile to people's face and just have FUN! 

4. What inspired you to become a blogger?

I actually created a WordPress about 5 years ago and NEVER did anything with it. From what I remember, it was just a little too complicated for me, I couldn't figure out the functions, and I never touched it again, but it has always been in the back of my mind. Then, in March, I had contacted Danielle about some Advocare information, we got on the subject of blogging, and from there she encouraged me to take the plunge and start! I am so GLAD I did! It has been a great outlet for me, (when I do get the chance to do it), I have seen other people's awesome blogs, and I am able to document the events that are going on right now. I am getting married in November and I want to be able to keep up with everything. And let's face it.. I am NOT going to have time to sit down and cut out construction paper, as much as I have loved it in the past, and glue pages and pictures, etc. AND, she told me you could make a book out of it. How AWESOME! 
Thank you so much Danielle, for encouraging me and telling me about Blogger! Sooo much easier!

5. What color nail polish are you wearing right now?

Right now, my nails have nothing on them. I am in water constantly, shampooing clients, so polish doesn't stay on very long. If you want to count my toes, my grandmother did treat me to a pedicure today after we had lunch together. I chose a summery coral color and I love it!

(Here she is with my cousin Gigi getting caught up on our Girl Time on. :o))
I will get my nails all "purdydied" up for the wedding though!

And now I get to choose 5 great ladies for the Laine Blogger Award! (Like I said before, I am new to this, so I am going to share with all that I have listed in my reading list and I hope they share with 5 other great ladies they know!)

(I know you are the one who sent me this Danielle, but I wanted you to be on the list as well! (-:)
Thanks so much Danielle for thinking of me on this one and sharing! This was so much fun, I hope it gets me connected with more wonderful bloggers, and I look forward to the next one!


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