Monday, June 25, 2012

Weight Loss & Inches Lost: Update!

So, as most of you know I started the 24 Day Challenge on April 1st. You can check out the beginning of my story HERE.

Last year, I had seen several people post on facebook about their amazing results but didn't really pay attention to it-- because we all know there are fast fixes out there that when you stop, the weight ALWAYS comes back-- but then around March, I saw my friend Danielle's story on her experience with the Challenge. 

With mine and Coach's wedding this fall, I decided to follow up with her and just see what this was all about. Every bride wants to feel the BEST she can feel in her dress, right??

So on April 1st, I started the challenge and by day 24 I was down 6 pounds and  had shed several inches off my waist, my ENERGY had come back, I was sleeping good, my clothes were fitting sooo much better, (it's not always about the number you lose but about how good your clothes fit (o:), I was in a better mood because I was sleeping and I just felt amazing!

In addition to that, I had been having severe headaches. I'm talking trips to the neurologist, medications, and no sleep at night because they were so painful. After the first week, my headaches subsided and I was sleeping much more sound! 

I continued with the Meal Replacement Shakes, the MNS, OmegaPlex, and Thermoplus. (Two of those tablets help burn an extra 300 calories!!) The shakes are absolutely DELICIOUS! (I finally broke down and tried the Berry.. I am not a strawberry kinda girl but it truly is like having a Strawberry Milkshake for breakfast!) They are the perfect 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs, which really helps get your metabolism going, and the Omegas helps rid the plaque buildup around your heart, (MORE BENEFITS OF OMEGAS), and don't forget SPARK!

After a few more weeks of continuing with those, I decided I wanted to tone up my muscles more and get leaner, so I started the LEAN IN 13.

You still stick with the meal replacement shakes, the MNS, Spark, and add in Thermoplus, Catalyst, and Muscle Gain.

(If you wanna see smoke flying off the treadmill, I suggest 3 Catalyst and a Spark.. I didn't think I was going to be able to run fast enough and I was able to run longer distance!)

The plan consists of 3 burn days and 1 refuel day and you repeat for the 13 days. On the designated day, you either do Interval, moderate, or light cardio and then you also add in weights. 

(Please excuse the self portrait in the bathroom mirror)

 I have NEVER had ANY kind of definition in my stomach area.. So those two little abs that started coming out from its hiding, definitely put a SMILE on my face!! 

(I promise this is my scale with me on it.)

This helped me shed an extra 3 pounds and tone up my muscles more! By the way, I don't think I have ever weighed in the 120's... Maybe in middle school. I have always weighed in the 130's and at my heaviest I was 148.

I am eating healthy, clean foods and with Advocare and their highest quality of supplements, I am refilling those nutritional gaps with the vitamins and nutrients that I need. 

My new discovery with Advocare is Clear Mood.

With wedding stresses, it has really helped me to take that nervous edge off.. With me being wound so tight these days, I am SOLD!! I am no doctor, but I will take something natural any day, rather than a prescription that could be addictive.

As a bonus, I earned my way to Advisor with Advocare, and have been able to make extra money these past few weeks. THANK YOU JESUS for bringing this to me, because any one who has gotten married knows that weddings are NOT cheap! 

If you have been hearing about Advocare and have been skeptical about it, it's OK! I was there myself and the only thing I wish is that I would have started sooner! I have lost stubborn pounds that I never would thought would leave me, I have gained muscle and toned up in areas where I never thought I could possibly have definition, and overall I feel healthier!

My hair is actually growing, (always taken forever to grow out), even tho I am in water all day shampooing hair my nails have gotten stronger and I feel I need to cut them every week, my skin feels better, and it may just be me, but I feel like my eyelashes have stayed long and not stubby like they have been!

If you are ready to give it a shot I would love to help you! I'm here for any questions you may have or you can go ahead and order from my micro-site,

If you are interested in saving 20%, (which is what I did because you do save more in the long run), you can sign up as a member, HERE. You pay a membership fee of $79, they send you $50 worth of free Spark and Slam, you start ordering with your discount immediately, and it will get to your door in 3 days to go ahead and start! 

What do you have to lose besides stubborn pounds?? 


FireFliez on the Lilypad said...

This is great info....I am reposting this. Love you, even though I personally resent those 2 little abs :( No, I don't, I am so happy for all the new wonderful things happening for you!


Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Awww!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much! I love YOU girl!!! Thank you for sharing and for all your wonderful, kind words. :o) MWUAH!!!

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