Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beef Stroganoff... It's Whats For Dinner

Tonight I decided to get a little wild in the kitchen and try a NEW recipe, in our NEW crockpot, using our NEW kitchen utensils.

Now don't get too excited because I certainly am not a professional in the kitchen. I think I wish I was a professional in the kitchen. Coach would certainly LOVE that. 

It was quite hysterical in the Hopper kitchen tonight.. Well for you about to read this it may be but for me.. it was not so hysterical.

And they aren't BIG things but when these little things start happening, it can become very frustrating..

For some reason it never works well for me to get the trash out of our trash can.. 
I mean SERIOUSLY how hard could it be??!!
But for WHATEVER reason the bag always gets stuck and it always tears...
And in the process, one of my fake nails came flying off.
 Maybe someone is trying to tell me the wedding is over and I don't need them anymore.

I brought in the dog's water bowl from outside and was getting them some water when I spilled half of it in the floor and half of it in my furry slippers.. 
This is the second time I have spilled water today.

After cleaning up the water, I went to stand up only for my head to meet the corner of the cabinet that holds our microwave. Talk about wanting to come U.N.G.L.U.E.D.

BUT. My husband (it's been fun using this word) needs dinner and instead of just heading to bed at 6:00, I continued on this 


I got this from my Mom at our Kitchen shower!

The cookbook has devotionals!

Does anyone else HATE onions? I DESPISE them.. right along with coconut.
But because I LOOOVVVEEE my HUSBAND so much, I added them in the recipe like it called for because he loves them so much.

I thought I would be using our new Pampered Chef cutting board (which I did a little bit) to chop the onion, but then I remembered our food chopper------

And decided it would be SOOOO much easier!
I was right.

Browning the lean deer meat and onions.

Add the next 5 ingredients after garlic into the crockpot...

I thought I was going to get to use our pampered chef garlic clove crusher but of course, I couldn't find the fresh garlic I just bought yesterday at the grocery store. Who knows where it's at.

And sweet Sox decided to keep me company at the kitchen. She is such a sweet Pup. 
I think she new I needed some extra love after hitting my head. 

cook the noodles!

Add the sour cream and flour!

YYEEAAAHHH... Iv'e got nothing.

Dinner is served!!!
Don't let the presentation fool you.
The bread was good.

I'm sure it was just the chef.

Truth be known.. I took about 2 bites.. added some Parmesan.. took a couple more bites.. ate the bread and trashed the rest.

What do you do when all else fails???

and ignore the roots.


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