Monday, December 31, 2012

It's been Real 2012...

I must say looking back on 2012 was a FANTASTIC year.. 

And not only because I got hitched to the man of my dreams,
but for several other reasons as well.

Here are a few highlights looking back over the year.

First and foremost, me and Mrs Amber got back together!!

This dear friend is absolutely amazing, I must say.
You won't believe how we met and how she new Coach before even meeting me!
(That's a WHOLE 'nother blog for sure!)
We have joked about having our own cooking show.. well actually Amber would have it and I would be the one learning. Folks would definitely be in stitches!
(I think we should really try and get that started.)

I visited Texas for the first time for Advocare Success School..

I must say it was a HOTT one!!

Our kitchen got finished!!...

And with that came a dishwasher! Whoo hoo! No more washing in the utility sink!

Mara went to Advanced Basics class and passed her CGC exam...

Rescued a horse..

Meet Trio.. 
He is looking better than an ever, has gotten his spunk back, and has a full winter coat right now!

I got to see my favorite girl Miranda and the Pistol Annies in concert this year..



 Surprised my Mom for her 50th..

Had one amazing shower after another and another..

SO THANKFUL for everyone blessing us with these showers and gifts!

Had an awesome engagement photo session..

Had the most amazing wedding..

We were so blessed with a beautiful day, sweet spirit, and love from all of our friends and family. Such a special and unforgettable moment in our lives. 

Honeymoon'd in Ocho Rios, Jamaica..

"Noo problem Mon!"

And, we visited the Biltmore for the first time!

What an awesome wedding gift!

I do feel very BLESSED and I am sooo THANKFUL for all of these moments..
I'm even more thankful for the health of both Coach and I to be able to partake in these moments. 

I pray for each and every one of you a healthy, blessed, prosperous 


See you there!


Natalie and Lee said...

What a wonderful year! Your engagement pictures are beautiful as well as your wedding photos!:)

Baseball-Diamonds & Hairspray said...

Thank you so much Natalie! I have been following your post on your precious little one Gage! Absolutely precious! XxOo

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