Sunday, November 3, 2013

Georgia/Florida 2013

Yesterday afternoon we made our way on over to the Jackson's house for a cook out and to watch the Dawg's take on the Gators. It was such a GORGEOUS day if I may add that in here! Amber is always the Hostess with the Mostess having everything cooked and prepared just so I have NEVER had one thing bad out of her kitchen and not allowing you to do anything, but I actually was able to prepare our hamburgers. I cannot tell you how much I despise touching raw meat. It has taken me forever to be somewhat OK with me touching chicken but all else is a different story. 
Coach, I hope that little bit showed just how much I do love you!
Amber's appetizer dip was out of this world I had to seriously try and control myself it was so good. Ben got the grill fired up, on went the ribs and hamburgers, and after a nail biting 2nd half we enjoyed some awesome food! 
Sass finally got home from a skate party and after the game we got carried away with crayons and coloring. Random but when was the last time you picked up a crayon? I hadn't in FOREVER and I think I had even forgotten how they smelled. Amber and Ben's girls are so much fun and it's always great seeing them. Such sweetie pies!!
Before we left the house, I couldn't resist dressing Kyli in her Georgia Tutu! It is tradition after all. She should be used to it by now but she gets so P.O.'d she won't even move after it's on. Bless her. 

Right after I took this picture she turned and I guess showed me how she felt about having that tutu on! 

You can tell how much Coach LOVES having his picture made!

I am loving all the bright colors of the changing leaves. 

I spy a pony.
 Getting ready to touch some nasty raw meat! GAG! 
Amber mixes a beef onion seasoning pack when she makes hamburgers, and then at the request of my husband we put dale's seasoning on top to marinate for extra flavor.

Face. Is. Priceless. Just showing him I did it on my own! Ha!

Remember in school when you would color a page with bright colors, cover it in all black, and then etch a design into it? That's just what we did! Ah the childhood memories!

It's great to be Fatty Boo Boos!
 SO.. after dinner the men took a drive to another friends house in the neighborhood to check out a smoker. I guess from Point A to Point B, the discussion turned to hunting and possible hunting areas around them, which then turned into staying on Google Earth for a couple of hours. 
They. Were. Serious. and on a mission. 
Poor Sass was caught in the middle.

Amber eventually called them out on it.

We love our pups too!

Fatty Boos Boos using Walker as a pillow.

Georgia was my BFF for the night.

And I leave you with the sweetest lap dog ever. The pony boxer named Walker. 

What college team were you rooting for yesterday?
Hope your Saturday was fabulous!!



Tammy Jo said...

Looks like a great weekend :)

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