Wednesday, November 27, 2013

1 Year Anniversary Pics Sneak Peek

One year later and the mantle that served as our alter was is still standing. I wanted to do something fun for our one year pictures and since this was the case, I didn't think there was a better location.

I had salvaged any cotton from the wedding I could and already had it in a vase, my rehearsal dinner bouquet was still together, I brought this small table and chairs I already had, got back into my dress with my hair piece, put Coach into his rehearsal dinner shirt, jeans, and boots, and we headed down to the pond. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon.. almost exactly like our wedding day.

We had so much fun!
By the way, the cake was still delicious!


Tammy Jo said...

Such a sweet idea! The pictures look great :)

Marty With The Party said...

SO cute. I love it! Happy anniversary!

Libby said...

So fun! What a great idea :)

FireFliez on the Lilypad said...

Heffer still fittin' into that wedding dress. Good thing I love your guts....xoxo, ~*A*~

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